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One of the ways to make money online as a blogger is to write for companies that pay direct cash to your account.

However, it’s often not easy to find those companies that are ready to pay you real cash to write for them.

For the most part, we sit and wait for advertisers and companies to hit our contact page. While this approach is quite positive, it may not generate the required results.

In today’s online world, there are platforms where Companies and bloggers meet. This makes it quite easy for bloggers to land writing jobs and make a good amount of money online.

Generally, there are different types of writing jobs for bloggers;

  1. Paid Product reviews: Product creators are often looking for bloggers to help get the word about their products out. They can pay you an awesome amount to write about their products on your blog. In some cases, these companies give you free copies of their premium products to help you come out with an unbiased review based on experience.
  2. General article writing: I call this business blogging. Most companies seek to hire bloggers to develop content for their business blogs. For the most part, they pay per article submitted to their blogs. Some will pay a fixed amount for a set number of monthly articles you submit.
  3. I have also come across writing agencies that get a huge amount of writing jobs from their clients. Such agencies seek to hire bloggers to help them meet with the high writing demand in the industry.

At every given moment, there is a huge demand for blogging writing services. So if you are a blogger who blogs for money, you should be able to generate additional income by offering your writing service to companies willing to pay.

Before we discuss some few job platforms for bloggers, I want to emphasize on a few points that will help you as a blogger get hired by companies.

  • The first point is, be ready with some of your samples. No company will hire you without checking out some sample articles you’ve written in the past.
  • Don’t just show any article you’ve written as sample. Show your best that will positively influence anyone that reads it.
  • Be real while applying for any writing job. Avoid using pet names or initials. Use your real names and show your face in a clear and clean picture.
  • While communicating with any company, try as much as possible to avoid silly grammatical errors. Most of us use English as a second language. However, that’s no excuse so you must pay attention to your writings. Some errors can really not be tolerated.
  • Before forwarding your application for any writing job, be sure to read it over and over again to take care of some avoidable mistakes.
  • Have your own blog well established. If you are applying for any writing job, one of the obvious things to expect is that the companies will be checking your own blog. While an excellent blog does not guarantee any job, poor designs can create a really bad image.

Well, these are some of the few points you have to pay attention to before going out to apply for writing jobs. Let’s now look at some of the platforms you can visit right now for writing opportunities.

Job Board for Bloggers – Companies and Bloggers meeting!

There are many job boards out there but my focus is those that offer writing opportunities mainly for bloggers and freelance writers. I have put them just in any order so be sure to check every member on the list. Let see how Bloggers Make money writing.


1 – BlogExpose Job Board

Bloggers Make money writing

This is a job board that brings bloggers and companies together. On this platform, bloggers create a free account and edit their profiles. Simply, you are expected to write some brief info about you as a blogger and provide url to 3 samples of your writings.

Once you browse the platform and find interesting writing offers, you just click to forward your application to the company. That will initiate a discussion between you and the company on the platform.

It’s quiet easy to find and apply for jobs on BlogExpose.

NB: BlogExpose also has an affiliate program where it pays per free signup. That simply means you promote the platform and get paid for any free member that signs up from your promotion. Here is more about the affiliate platform

Right this moment, it’s free to post an offer on this platform. Check out this platform here!

2 – ProBlogger Job Board


This is one of the most active job boards for bloggers we have today. You don’t need to signup to this platform to apply for jobs. Every job offer provides a unique way to contact the company. For the most part, an email is given below job details.

Just follow instructions and send the required information to the email provided by the company.

At the moment of writing this post, it costs $50 to post an offer on this platform. Check out the platform here.

3 – Bloggingpro job board


This job board is similar to Problogger job board. You simply go through offers and apply by sending an email to the companies.

You can also filter jobs by location, job type, keyword, etc.

At the moment of writing, posting an offer on this platform costs $30.


Now, there are many of these platforms out there. Most of them cover different topics. However, I wanted to be quite specific to help you go straight to the point.

You can now go ahead and checkout these platforms. Start by getting yourself ready as I mentioned above. Once you are set, start applying and getting hired.

Let me know what you think. Drop a comment and kindly share this post on social media.


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