Why Blogging Is No Longer Enough

It seems like overnight there was a huge push for internet marketers to start pumping out blog content as if there business depended on it.

While many still have not caught onto the wave, there were a number of folks who did.

Digital content is the way we communicate in today’s high-tech world, especially with search engines like Google which we rely on to give us the best content. But there’s an issue on the rise that very few people are talking about.

If you as an internet marketer have not transitioned to creating your own content, unfortunately you are already behind the curve. But if you are an marketer who only creates blog content, you too will soon end behind the curve.

#1 Saturation

The issue isn’t that bloggers are creating more content, it’s that more internet marketers are starting to blog which is slightly saturating the marketplace regardless of your niche or industry.

This shouldn’t stop you from blogging, but simply make you aware of what’s going on. The problem with most bloggers is the consistency factor. There may be a surge in blogging right now, but only time will tell how long it will last.

#2 Video Has Taken Over

Here’s a statistic you can look up. By 2018, video content will be responsible for up to 85% of online traffic and that trend has already started to pick up. The reason behind this is simple. Video is much more entertaining!

Video allows people and businesses to tell a story and create that emotional connection that blogging simply can’t do as effectively. It also keeps people on websites longer and sites like Facebook are riding the wave into the sunset and so should you.

#3 Loud Noises

There’s simply too much distraction going on online, and long form content like blogging can’t compete for the attention your business needs like video can. The world is now connected like it has never been before and blogs just aren’t as entertaining as those pet videos.

You just have to observe what’s going on around you and adjust so that you aren’t left behind. Don’t let the noise drown you out like it already has started for some people.



It’s simple – start using other forms of content that will engage and retain attention longer. You can’t holds someone attention forever, but you can certainly retain it longer than others who are competing for the same business.

  • Video – leverage video sites like YouTube and now Facebook who is growing its video platform like crazy
  • Podcast – this has been growing in popularity, and many have their favorite podcast shows that they listen to in the morning on their way to work.
  • Infographics – this is a very effective way to stimulate viewers by simplifying complex ideas using visuals.
  • Live streaming – Periscope and Blab have hit the market hard, and it takes live video to the next level.

There are number of other ways you can retain attention, and add onto your blogging efforts. It’s a matter of how creative you want to get and the lengths you are willing to go in order to adapt to the ever changing world wide web.

Blogging is still great and I truly believe in it, else I wouldn’t be writing this very blog post. But you have to do more for your business these days as other platforms are emerging that do a much more effective job in grabbing and retaining attention.

To your success,


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