Our Blogs Are Always Giving

Did you ever consider that our blogs are always giving?

During this holiday season it is the time for giving.

But do we “give” to others only during this season, or do we do it all year long?

Yes indeed. Every time we put up a blog post with good content we are giving something to our visitors, readers and subscribers.

That is why we need to carefully shape our content into a gift to another person…

Remember, a gift is something people want, or even need.  We would never think of giving a gift to someone if we knew it was worthless to them, even if were a gift that we like for ourselves.

You may give a gift that they’ve already received from someone else… the very same gift!

But when we give, the very act of giving makes it unique to ourselves.

As a blogger, you can give your readers information they already know.  But when you write it in your own unique way, it become “your gift”.  So it’s a way for you to connect with others in a way that nobody else can.

You might not think your content is valuable because it’s something that’s “been said before.”

You need to understand, though, that you are a shining star and have a unique quality to bring to the blogging world.

When you share that freely with others, it’s the greatest gift you can give.

Did you ever think about your blog as a gift? Well it surely is my friends.  It might be a gift of education, information or entertainment for another person.  But it is your unique gift, whatever shape it takes.

You must keep that uppermost in your mind at all times, so that you can always be there for others.

When you are there for others, they will gladly follow you wherever you go.  This is what is called attraction marketing.

And don’t think you can only share your gifts with people in your specific niche.

I personally believe that you need to spread out into other niches, too.

If you go to a healthy cooking blog, you can learn something valuable even if you are a techie blogger.  In turn, that healthy cooking blogger will learn something from you… how to fix something on his/her blog or how to market her services.  So you see how this works?

In the blogging world you meet so many people from different places and cultures and get to learn about them and connect with them.  It is so exciting.

“Giving” is all about reciprocity…

People come to your blog, so you give them a gift.

It’s like feeding someone dinner when they visit your home, and sharing stories, laughs and insights over coffee.

The mindset of giving, and going out of your way to build sincere relationships with others is the way you will eventually build your business, folks.

So, what’s in it for you?

What do you get back in return?

What kind of results can you expect by extending yourself to others, and always giving?

Results are not what giving is all about.

Don’t fixate on immediate results.  In fact, don’t fixate on results at all.

Just keep giving to others, freely and often.  As they become attracted to you, “the results will follow.”

You don’t need to chase results.

When you focus on giving value to others, making their lives a bit better and easier, and in showing them ways to solve their problems… you will attract a loyal following.  It’s just the way attraction marketing works.

Those are the results.

When you attain those results, you have become successful.

But don’t get me wrong, it is not all about magical thinking, being nice and giving endlessly and randomly.

You must study marketing diligently in order to run a truly successful blogging business.

Sometimes, my blog reminds me of a Christmas Tree.

It is all lit up and sparkly but underneath there are so many gifts to open.

Because this is the season of giving, I would like to give to you a special gift.

I think this might help you turn the corner in your own blogging business.  It just might help you improve the results you’ve been getting.

I know you’ll find some value in it, so please… check it out.

This was a premium webinar a few months back, and is currently only available inside of my Whirlwind Succcess “VIP Club” member’s area.

But you can catch the replay for free by clicking the link below.  But, I really suggest you jump on this.  Because it’s a premium webinar, it will be available for free, for only a limited time.  Really!

free webinar

So, take some time out, get a cup of coffee or tea, relax and watch the show (with your notebook, of course)!

Happy holidays to all,



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