BlueHost Has You Covered

BlueHost has you Covered …

Have any of your web sites given you an awful, heart sinking, unwanted message such as “dangerous site,” “beware of spam,” “404 Message”, “remove malware” or maybe you suddenly have been locked out of your own site? has your covered.

I have had this experience a few times. After reaching out to a trusted colleague to help me, my hosting service actually blocked her url at first and only unblocked her after several emails back and forth. Then she attempted to remove a malware script and again I had to contact the host because only they were able to remove it. I knew then that working with that hosting service and paying an individual by the hour was going to be a time-consuming, hugely expensive ordeal.

BlueHost To The Rescue

My newer web sites have been hosted at and my tech friend suggested that I contact them to see if the newer web sites also had spam. Sure enough, they did. However, to my surprise and delight BlueHost provides additional service. They actually help you to remove malware.

Did I mention that I always get a live technician on the call and they speak English clearly? They are courteous and spend whatever time is required to get the task done. They have helped me set up brand new web sites, point domain names, and any other small or large issues within their scope of services.

So to get my malware removed, Blue Host set me up with Site Doctor, a company that comes into your web site cpanel and clears away all the malware. Of course, in the process of clearing away malware they also removed some of the recent changes to one of my my web site themes that had made it look professional. But that was a small problem compared to the huge relief at knowing that all my sites hosted at BlueHost are now cleared from malware. Site Doctor goes into your cpanel and removes all the malware from all your web files.

And after the malware is removed, Blue Host does not leave you on your own as my other hosting company does. For a reasonable fee, they offer an additional service called SiteLock. By purchasing this service, my web sites are being scanned regularly and any malware scripts are automatically removed. This service is also at a highly affordable rate, although it may require a separate fee for each web site. That is a reminder to remove old web sites containing sales pages that are no longer relevant or information that can be moved into my current web sites.

BlueHost To The Rescue Again

I decided it is time for me to move my older web sites away from that other hosting company. After checking out a few other hosting services, I decided that I have been pleased with the service at Blue Host for several years and I don’t know what will happen elsewhere. I called, was put on hold for about an hour, and finally gave up, never actually speaking to a live person.

BlueHost offers another valuable service called Site Transfer. Although I was put into a queue and it is taking longer than I would have liked, it is extremely affordable and after the web sites are transferred, the Site Doctor I had purchased will clear out the malware without charging an additional fee.

I stayed too long with a hosting service that does not offer any additional help when I run into problems. Their attitude has usually left me with a sense that I am bothering them, that they have more important things to do, even though they have charged a much higher fee for many years. If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective hosting service for your web site needs, I highly recommend you check out  If you are anything like me, you will be relieved to have a hosting service you can trust and rely upon.


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