Brand Development – What Is It? How do you do it?

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Brand Development is tricky.

You are developing a digital marketing strategy and a brand identity. Just how you go about doing this for your business, will be unique or exclusive to only you.

Why is this so? Because a brand is YOU first, before your business. You are an individual with many facets to your personality,  and you bring these talents to your business. It’s your business’s identity (both online and offline.) I have come to understand that if a business doesn’t ensure it’s brand online looks good, you are wasting your money on internet marketing, which also is part of brand development.

My marketing website has gone through a few changes in just a short time. I have changed things, added new pages, purchased a new theme to add new life to my brand.This article contains what I have found about incorporating my personality with my site and brand development of my business for the future.

You may be interested in making some changes yourself to your blog.  Here are the steps I will be taking and also recommending to my clients.


Most businesses will already have a website. Does it really project your own personality? I don’t really believe that mine does, yet!  So what can I improve on?

Survey of your site’s components

On my “about me” page you will see that I have been online for almost a decade now. I started with sales companies and learned web design and marketing the hard way,  all on my own.  My site does not indicate my background in commercial art ( in high school)  or that I took a two-year horticulture course in college. These things are part of who I am.  I love beautiful art, flowers, plants and adore colour! I want to show more of this on my business site.

Your Theme

While I do like my theme, it’s a paid theme by “Grace themes”. It functions very well, nice and fast too. I want to work on changing the sliders pictures. I found an excellent source of stock images with lots of flower imagery and great colour. You can look up  “Haute Choclate”. It really says ” hey this is me!” Very feminine and beautiful images. I love this site.  I think right now my site looks a bit too masculine and my target audience is women. These are the things that I want to reflect on my website, aimed at my target audience which is geared to bloggers and women of a certain age, who are interested in business.

Your Colour Palette

Having a colour palette is really essential in visual branding.  Here are different meanings of colour  that I want to use on my website. I have taken these three colour meanings from  my Pinterest Board “Brand You First”


People gravitate toward your warm and confident demeanor paving the way for you as a natural communicator. You present a pulled-together vibe that attracts attention in all the right ways. Perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive you are a good judge of character and can quickly size up any situation.


You dislike chaos and strive for consistency and balance. You understand that time is money. Time management is a strength because you quickly prioritize. Business savvy is bolstered by your ability to target what is most important and delegate what is not. As a result, you rarely sweat the small stuff.


Marching to the beat of your own drum and being unique makes you happy. Fitting in has never been a priority. As a result, you understand and appreciate kindred spirits who choose to zig when everyone else zags. has an excellent “7 day tutorial on Branding” on their homepage and it’s for free too!    It has all the steps to creating a brand for your business.  A very well done tutorial. Check it out.

I see many people online say you should use no more than three difference fonts. The darker colour in your colour palette for your body text, easier to read. Make your links a different colour so they stand out as well as your menu links another colour. I also like the handwritten types of fonts, very feminine looking.

Another PAC member Jac’s Henderson has an excellent article on Brands  (How to share your Facebook Brand on Pinterest)

Visual elements like the colours you use, your fonts and graphic elements all tell a story about you. But it also includes the experience that you give to people and clients that make up your  “branding”. It’s what people think of you, your reputation as well as the excellent content on your website /blog and its appearance.

Strong Branding
When you have strong branding for your business you not only stand out – amongst the billions of other businesses online.  You are remembered by loyal fans.  That means the world to your business! You attract the right people to your business because your messaging is on target. Using a target audience is very useful for Facebook Ads.  Your brand is the difference between you and your competition. Having a strong brand gives you credibility and you are seen as the go-to person in your niche.

Strong brands use the same colours,  fonts and messaging across the internet.  The same personal image, templates, blog post style,  and social media. All displaying your brand’s elements that are recognizable offline or online. I am in the process of unifying all my brand colours and fonts.

Brand Development Strategies

The first thing  – is a Guide.  What is Your Plan?
“Businesses that fail to plan, plan to fail.” – Tina Williams.  I do believe this to true.

What is your goal for your business?

Your Products,  Affiliate Products?  Offline Clients?  Other?
Without having a plan, it will take you much longer to reach your goals. Choose a singular path and stick to it, and you will find the success you want! It may take longer doing it alone, join a group or learn from a coach.

What is the purpose of your website or blog?

  • Are you interested in getting more exposure for your business? There are steps to take for doing this – see definition of three things, below.
  • Or are you keen to get more traffic for your blog? These steps would be quite different than exposure.
  • Is money your main objective? Immediate cash or a long-term investment?

A mind map with all the steps laid out for you to follow is a great exercise.  Then you have your correct direction to follow either: exposure, traffic or money. Focus on one of these at a time.


I have determined my objective (or my clients’ objective) to be centered around creating More Exposure for the business.

First, you must define that as one of three things:

1. Is the Exposure for a Person, a Business or a Product? Mine is for a Business.

2. Is the Exposure Geo Targeted? Yes locally. I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce for my small town, as well as online.

3. Is the Exposure Short Term or Long Term based? Long term with a 5 year plan.


Once you have decided the motivation for your (Exposure) based campaign then you can move forward in creating campaigns to meet the specific objectives.  The mind map I mentioned with steps for campaigns concerning exposure.

All of this, the digital marketing and the branding components are combined into a business plan which includes specific steps for promotion and demonetization which brings growth and success for your brand development for your business.

Kathryn Maclean

To your business success,
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