Business Organization

Business Organization touches on every aspect of our lives as small business owners or marketers.

It directly affects how we use our time and how we feel about ourselves as business people.

What could be more important?

Take the “Organization or Not” Test. . .

How organized are you when it comes to running a business?
When starting a project I often:

A. Wait until the last minute to get underway

B. At the earliest moment I can.

I love the feeling of getting my work done:
A. In the nick of time

B. Well a head of time.

Now, I would answer all Bs, but it was not always the case.

My Story

Before I started working online, I worked at office type jobs. I worked for a number of years as a temp for various agencies. A very stressful type of environment. I learned how to get a job done on my own, quickly and effectually.


I also did sales and worked as a cosmetician, which lead to joining Mary Kay. I really wanted to excel and pushed myself, doing public speaking engagements as well as Mary Kay home parties. I was three years with the pink ladies, 2 years as a Director.

At that time, my mother was ill at home. She passed away from Ovarian Cancer. I stayed at her side, sleeping on a cot in her room. I was so very grateful to be able to take the time off, as I was working for myself and I could be with her to the end. She died in my arms.

Also, that was the year that the wonderful Mary Kay passed away. I decided to leave the company after that. I wanted to be home with my son and step-daughter who were small children at the time. I searched on the internet and could only find sales type work so I
started my journey online as a new marketer. What I found was more than I had ever imagined…

It was another ten years before I met some people who where my mentors in marketing. I had  invested in my own training and had learned blogging, website design and social media campaigns. I am currently working two careers. My business offline is in property management.  My husband and I are in our 9 th year of business. As  well as my online business in marketing. My online business is called Marketing Offline Online.  Aptly named, don’t you think?

I learned along the way how to organize it all. All those years as a secretary, as well as my online work, have given me great organizational skills. I have  learned new ones as well. I joined PAC, the Power Affiliate Club. One of the classes I have taken twice now is the 5% club. We do what 95% of other marketers won’t do to accelerate our businesses.

What are the Organization Habits of Entrepreneurs?
1. A daily dedicated planning time
2. Prioritize your to-do list
3. What is your productivity window?
4. Use a timer as a planning /scheduling tool
5. They take breaks
6. They have someone who holds them accountable
7. Be realistic about how much time things will take

My Small Business Organizer Paper System

I use Calendars, Google + and paper ones, Planners, To do Lists, a Blog.
I write everything daily, on one page, that I am doing that day, on a numbered list. Also a cover page for the entire week. Total what I think the job is worth in points. When you organize your day in small segments you get a lot accomplished. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction.

When you wear many hats in your business, & personal life and other jobs – new ideas and projects can quickly become overwhelming, but not if you have organization. Try it.

Kathryn Maclean

About Kathryn Maclean
Certified Social Media Campaign Specialist. Affiliate & Network Marketer.  MLSP / PAC / Networking Superstars


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