Can’t Afford Coaching?

Are you struggling to move forward but can’t afford coaching?

I’ve devised a pretty cool solution for those who I’ve seen fall through the cracks when it comes to getting the coaching they need to build an online business.

If you don’t know me, I’ve had a highly successful offline business for years, as an intuitive consultant.

Over the last several years, I’ve also built a business as an online coach.

It’s something I do with my husband, David, who is also an internet marketer and digital product creator.

Who Needs Coaching?

Have you been jumping around from one online business model to another?

Maybe you’ve been blogging for a while, but you haven’t figured out how to turn that into a profitable business.

Maybe you’ve tried to promote some affiliate product to your email list or with Facebook ads.

You could have even tried pushing some CPA offers on Twitter.

Then you hear about a new traffic technique, or a great plugin to pull subscribers onto your list, or a cool video software to make nifty squeeze pages.

If you’ve just all over the map and still not quite sure how to turn your blog into a business, you probably need coaching.

And that’s just one scenario.

The same could be said of a good many affiliate marketers trying to sell products, Facebook marketers who want to build a list, and network marketers struggling to build a downline organization.

In all of these cases, if your online business is spinning in circles… you need coaching.

Maybe your business is great on many levels, but you really need improvement with your email marketing, or you’d like to create a training course and sell it online.

Anytime you’re ready to explore a new aspect of your business, or improve a weak link in it… you need coaching.

Why Don’t You Get Coaching?

Truthfully, the biggest reason most people shy away from hiring a coach is this.

Coaching typically costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

I have a coaching program that I currently have discounted at $497 to get started.

The “catch-22” here for most people is that they need coaching to get their business to start pulling profits, but until that happens, they can’t afford pricey coaching.

Another major reason why people don’t get coaching is that they’re convinced they can learn everything themselves.

These people buy $10 courses, $997 trainings, the latest WordPress plugin… and they still can’t put it all together.

Yet, they think the answer is to buy more courses, trainings and plugins.

So they do.

Maybe they finally get it right, maybe they don’t.  But they have a far better chance to succeed and do it faster, if they get the right coaching.

Yet another big reason that people resist coaching is that they simply don’t know what to ask a coach.

They don’t know enough about why they’re struggling to even ask the right questions of a coach.

So they don’t.

Are you in one of these categories?

Take a moment to ask yourself why you don’t get coaching.

A Solution

As coaches, ourselves, David and I have recently put together what we consider is a good solution for many people.

We see it as a bridge between our private coaching service and our group coaching membership site.

Our high cost private coaching program is built around phone and Skype consultations.

Basically, we sit on the phone with you for hours, hash out your business and give you guidance to put things on the right track.

For those who can’t afford that, we’ve developed our “Whirlwind Success VIP Club” that focuses on us training you in certain aspects of building your online business.

We even offer “VIP ” members an opportunity to chat with us for a few minutes now and then, to help them solve an immediate problem.

On top of that, we take our members’ questions and record answers that get posted to our membership site for all to benefit from.

Now this is much cheaper than our private coaching, but it also lacks the depth of purely one on one coaching.

In effect, it’s a lot like group coaching, except it also has a lot of training in addition.

But for those who really need more private, one-on-one guidance… yet cannot afford our traditional coaching program, we’ve recently added a new coaching program.

It’s called Email Coaching.

We think it’s a perfect solution that acts as a bridge between group coaching on the low end, to high priced coaching.

It’s really simple, and yet can have a major impact on your business.

Here’s how it works.

You pay for the coaching program.

After you make your payment, you are sent a private email address that is ONLY

for our private email coaching clients.

That’s it!

From this point on, you’re entitled to ask us any questions you need answered to move your business forward.

This can range from things like “Is this a good strategy for building my email list?” to “How do I create a landing page?”

You can ask for our help anytime, as often as you like.

Our goal is to help you make progress, whatever it takes.

We send you a reply email with our response, guidance, training… whatever it takes.

That’s it!

Our Associate Coach

Now, as a special offer, we’ve teamed up with a great internet marketer, Leon Tran.

I won’t tell you a lot about him because you can click right here and learn all about him and his coaching program for yourself.

If you decide to join Leon’s coaching program, through one of the affiliate links we’ve posted in this article, here’s what we’ll do.

We will ADD our email coaching program as bonus.

Our own email coaching program has not been made public yet, but you get it for free as a bonus when you sign up for Leon’s coaching today.

So, essentially, you’ll get “two coaches for the price of one.”

Here’s How To Get Your Bonus

When sign up for Leon’s program through our affiliate links in this article, email us with the receipt and we’ll include you automatically in our own program at no extra cost.

Here’s the email address you should send your receipt to:

Please understand that this is a special, time-limited promotion.  It may end at any time, without further notice.  Because we are affiliating Leon’s coaching program, we have no control over any price increases or member limitations he may impose at any time.

Now just because we are Leon’s affiliates and will earn a commission from your purchase of his coaching program, don’t think that’s the only reason we are promoting it here.

We’ve known Leon personally for a while now, have enrolled in his coaching program ourselves, and are totally convinced that it can make a big difference in your online business.  That’s the main reason we’ve decided to align our own coaching program with his.

Besides being a great guy and truly expert online marketer, Leon is a wonderful coach.

We just couldn’t think of a better value for you.

Your Action Is Required

I don’t know of a single successful person who hasn’t hired a coach.

Some of the biggest people online hire coaches as a matter of course.

Nobody goes beyond the need for coaching, and the more successful a person is, I can just about guarantee… the more coaching she’s had.

The greatest athletes on the planet have coaching, and not just to get to be great, but to continue to improve.

This is true of business leaders, online entrepreneurs, and CEO’s.

As a rule, the more successful a person is, the more coaching they’ve had.

And hiring a coach can drastically cut the time it takes you to reach success.

Until now, you probably agreed with all this, but just didn’t think you could afford quality coaching.

Now, you can.

We’ve made it totally accessible and affordable to just about anybody.

So it’s up to you.

Will you take the action required to get professional coaching?

If you take your online business seriously, remember… it is a business.

This is probably one of the greatest investments you will ever make in it.

LEON TRAN’s Email Coaching Program (includes our bonus described above).

To Your Success,

Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill is a top pro blogger at She also runs the very popular “Whirlwind Success VIP Club,” a dynamic coaching club that helps both newbies and pros build successful online businesses, networks and followings.

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