Changes in Affiliate Marketing Online

affiliate-marketingThings have changed quite a bit in the last few years in terms of banking, shopping, dating, friendships and businesses.

There are so many people who are flocking to the internet in search of earning opportunities.

The most common opportunity online is MLM (multi-level marketing) of which has gained many disguises and an overall reputation of not being legal or the people behind them are the only ones who make money and therefore are labled as scams and/or pyramid schemes.

Let’s face it; everyday life in corporate America is an MLM but we don’t hear people screaming scam or pyramid when the names Walmart, K-Mart, Sears or Home Depot are mentioned.

Think about it; who makes the money in any one of these businesses? The owner does. He/she then in turn hires people under him or her to run things and they also hire more people under them. Each level has people who are hired to work for the business and is one more person down the ladder.

So you ask what has this got to do with affiliate marketing.  While what I’ve described above is a form of MLM, these businesses also engage in affiliate sales or marketing.

ID-10084238There are so many ways of making money online.  Affiliate sales is my chosen way to make money online, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about my experiences with affiliate sales.

Affiliate commissions are paid to you when you sign up as an affiliate and you sell products from businesses like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, etc.  You then receive a commission from the merchant or their representative that handles their transactions (i.e. Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, etc.)

I started out on eBay back in the  year 2000 and I made a pretty good living but I soon grew tired of finding products, taking photographs, wrapping, shipping and all that goes with it.

I then started checking into affiliate sales and the rest is history.


In the beginning of my online career, it was much easier to put up a site, add some products, write a description and wait for someone to purchase the product and you received your commissions.  No worrying about handling products.  For the purpose of this article, I will use Amazon as my example.

After someone buys a product from Amazon through your affiliate link, Amazon takes care of the packaging, shipping and handling. After the transaction is fully completed (the pay clears, item shipped and order received) then you will receive you commission in your account.

It’s not as easy as that in this day and time after Google has made their many, many algorithm changes.  You now have to actually put some effort and work into making sales to receive commission by adding valuable content and keeping a site consistently updated.

It’s still the best way to make money online, in my opinion but it’s not the only way.  You have to find what works for you.

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