How to Claim the Life of your Dreams

Are You Really Ready to Live YOUR Life…the Life of YOUR Dreams

the 40.40-40-40 plan Work 40 years and 40 hours a week to retire with a $40 watch to live on 40% of what you couldn't survive on before

the 40-40-40-40 PLAN

We are Given the 40. 40 40 40 plan and told it is good

We are told: Get a good education Get a good job, Live Within your means,

Save and you’ll be fine

How’s that working out?


Baby Boomer Shock

Many Baby Boomers discovered in 2008 that ” plan” wasn’t’ working out well.

Retirement savings were halved or wiped out!

Good jobs disappeared and good employers ended their jobs or the employers disappeared when the Boomers were still in their 50’s, before they were ready for retirement.


$1Million Dollars in savings currently yields you $15,000 annually at bank rates of 1.5%  Many banks pay less than that.

Even at 4% that is only $40,000 and all of it is taxable.

So What’s Next?



Fear has two meanings according to Zig Ziglar:

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‘Forget Everything And Run’   or

‘Face Everything And Rise.’

The choice is yours.”

You see the choice is always yours.  But too often people prefer the seemingly easy choice of following the crowd.

If so many people are doing it then it must be the right thing to do.

Animals herd, like lemmings who follow one another over the cliff to certain death every few years. The herd instinct is strong and people certainly have it because in the past you had to be part of the herd to survive.

But always there are those who stand out, even in herds.  There is one leader and sometimes there are protectors or guards.

Then it is the herd’s job in some instances to help protect that leader.  Certainly humans organized themselves in that way.

Today it is still that way but… and it is a big but, you now, more than ever, have a choice to be a leader or a follower. You do not have to accept your role in the herd.  You do not have to follow others off the cliff to certain doom.

Dare to Be a Leader

So what’s it take:

Vision: You need to know where you are going so others can follow you.

Faith and Belief: You need to believe in yourself and the rightness of your dream for you.


Fear and Faith

Fear and Faith

Responsibility: Accept the fact that “If it’s to be it’s up to me!”  Even as an employee people who take responsibility for their actions stand out and often get paid a great deal more than others.

Ever wonder why CEO’s of public companies get paid so much more than everyone else? No it is not because they know more or do more, often they do a great deal less “work” than others.

But they take responsibility for not only their actions but for those of the entire enterprise.  When the enterprise has problems, the woes of Volkswagen are currently in the news for their cheating on emission results and gas consumption results. then the CEO gets booted from his job.

Thanks to his contract he walks away an extremely wealthy man but he also walks away a shamed man. This is now his legacy.

So as you accept responsibility you must prepare yourself for a life in a fish bowl.  Today social media is everywhere seeing what you do all the time. Never do anything your Grandma wouldn’t be proud of you for doing.

No One to Blame:

When things go wrong take responsibility.  Because if you are responsible than you can fix it.

Could the CEO of Volkswagen fix things… of course he could but no one trusts him. It is a little different when you have a huge organization that all depend on you and a bunch of shareholders who were counting on the value of your company to fund their retirement. Since he could have made sure the fraudulent results weren’t happening why didn’t he stop them before there was this huge outcry ?  He had forgotten he was responsible and so trust in him is destroyed.

But for many of us we are Solopreneurs or perhaps we have a couple of VAs (Virtual assistants). If you are in Network Marketing than take responsibility for your team and be a great leader for that team.  If the company fails or some regulator shuts down the company, rightly or wrongly, your team should know that together you will find a new home and you are a wonderful responsible caring leader.

As you take responsibility be sure to take the right sorts of responsibility.

Some things are out of your control and your job as someone responsible for your life and perhaps for supporting your team, cannot accept responsibility for the actions of the company or the government regulators, or even for other team members.

 Know the difference  

 It is critical for your serenity and peace that you understand the things that you have the power to control and take control over those things and those only!

Remember the Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The Serenity Prayer


People Suffer Needlessly

 Blaming others is a great way to keep yourself from success and guarantee your smallness. When you are blaming others the world looks mean and horrible. Why would they treat me this way.

But when you accept responsibility for your situation then you reclaim your POWER!

Why are you allowing them to treat you that way?

You don’t have to stay in a job where you are not respected and taken care of, you do not have to accept the glass half empty, grab that glass and fill it up.

In 2008 my husband and I were wiped out financially by what happened in the world and by a cheat and fraudster. We went from wealthy and retired to homeless and virtually penniless.

So I took responsibility slowly and with much struggle, and said why did we give our money to others and why do we need to stay down here in the dumps feeling sorry for ourselves when we have our health and our minds and they can pull us up.

My husband got a menial job to cover our expenses and top up our pensions and I went to build our fortune on the internet.  Has it been easy? no it sure hasn’t been but along the way I’ve met some wonderful people I would not others wise have met.

Mentors have come my way and new friends have come into my life and now I am having the time of my life again.

Plus I am proud of me and proud of what I have, and will, accomplish in a world that frightened me when I began the journey.

But I had to get over the blame game I had to forgive and take responsibility so I could move on.

To do so I used the work of many masters but Napoleon Hill was a biggie for me and I’d love to give you the gift of one of his secret works, the one that got hidden for many years.

The training that he charged people $30,000 to attend and this was in the 1920’s and 30’s when “the Great Depression” stalked the land. But it made millionaires of many of them and the stories of enormous success followed Hill and his Program so people found the money.


It is called The 15 Laws of Success. 

However if I just give it to you, you will have no appreciation for it. I want you to come join my group where you can download this amazing work  In this group we can have discussions about this profoundly life changing work, I’ll be starting that in December

Click the link below and simply ask to join

Let’s See you have the success of Your Dreams.

If you’re reading this and you’re not already a member of PAC then please join us.

We’ll see YOU at the Top!

Mary Sloane

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