Clear Your Blog of Spam Comments

Did You Know you can clear your blog of spam comments with Clean Talk?

You Can Quickly Clear Your Blog of Spam Comments With CleanTalk

  • Is your blog flooded with annoying spam comments?
  • Do your current plugins allow spam to get through their filters?
  • Have you ever wondered how to finally stop that spam?

Recently my web sites were flooded with malware and then my comments began to look like spam-city on one of my blogs. I knew it was time to take a new action but I had no idea what to do. So I did a Google Search and discovered a wonderful product at

For a very reasonable price I was able to install the plugin on 5 of my web sites, the ones that contain blogs. Immediately, all the spam comments were gone. I no longer had to manually go through the comments and delete these.

Spam Comments Can Be Tricky

When they appear to be utter nonsense, it is easy to recognize it as spam and delete it. But then there are these gushy, praising comments such as “The content on your web site is so good that I will be returning often” or “I have been searching the internet and was excited to find the information you provide on your blog. Keep it up.” If you are not paying attention, you may feel flattered and think you are finally getting useful traffic.


A legitimate comment will usually say sometimes specific related to the content of your blog.  Legitimate comments are not super gushy praise without substance.

Why Use CleanTalk?

With CleanTalk installed you can rest assured that you will no longer have to fuss with annoying spam. You can now focus your time on developing and improving your web site, your blog content, and you business without being distracted by these useless comments.

Visitors will be able to comment easily. They will not be bothered by seeing strange comments or having to recognize confusing Captcha letters or finish a puzzle before being able to respond.

CleanTalk also provides convenient registration and commenting forms which I have not yet tried.  Another feature I really appreciate is that I can view the analytics in my dashboard and I receive regular email updates about all the spam that was eliminated.

Anti-Spam Report from CleanTalk


How Does CleanTalk Clear Away Spam Comments?

  • Someone visits your blog, writes a comment or registers
  • CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters into the CleanTalk cloud.
  • CleanTalk service analyzes the parameters
  • Legitimate visitors’ comments are published. Rude and abusive words and comments are censored.
  • Spam bots are blocked from commenting or registering.

For me, personally, CleanTalk was an instant savior.  As you can see in the featured image that CleanTalk quickly cleared a huge amount of spam comments and allowed me to get back to work with peace of mind.  It was easy to install, easy to configure and it solved the problem immediately so I could focus on transferring my web sites to BlueHost and letting SiteDoctor clean out the web site malware. Now I feel as if I can breathe a sigh of relief as I move forward with my online activities.

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