How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress

UnderConstructionPage plugin for WordPress

Editors Note: Guest Post by Ivan from Web Factory

No matter what people and the advertisers tell you, creating websites actually isn’t that easy.

Even if you have years of experience behind you, starting a new site takes time and there’s always a problem or two in your way that you will have to solve.

When you’re working with WordPress, some things are definitely easier than starting a site from scratch. There are numberless themes and plugins that will kickstart you and help you with your job. And while you are working on your site, wouldn’t it be great to show people what you’re up to? Maybe you can start promoting your brand and tell the world about your amazing product even before the site goes live. Or you could let people contact you, redirect them to your social media sites or maybe even collect their email addresses.

Well, you can do that if you build a coming soon page.

How to create a coming soon page with WordPress?

If you don’t have much experience in coding or WordPress in general, creating a coming soon page might be an impossible task. You will have to know how WordPress works, and you will have to code your own page until you get the results people will actually like. That includes PHP, HTML, CSS and maybe some additional technologies. If you aren’t into that, you might get a headache just by these few abbreviations that mean nothing to you.

Luckily, among tens of thousand extensions for the platform, there are some fantastic plugins that can generate coming soon pages. And they don’t require any technical knowledge from you. There are some free ones that might be more than enough for your needs, and there are also some premium ones (paid) that will enable you to craft a coming soon perfection.

In this article, we are about to show you a plugin that satisfies the need for both user groups.

UnderConstructionPage plugin for WordPress

The free version of UnderConstructionPage counts more than 140,000 active users. It’s worth to mention that the plugin has been downloaded more than a million times! nice numbers, don’t you think? There’s a good reason for those numbers.

Gorgeous predefined themes

The developers of the plugin understand that you’re busy with building your site. Because of that, there are more than twenty-five themes that you get to use without even having to modify them. What you have to do is select an image that you like, and UnderConstructionPage will take over – it will load the theme and design the coming page for you.

Still, if you have some extra time to spare and you know some basic CSS, you can quickly modify a few colors or maybe change fonts.

While this is a perfect solution for users who are in a rush, the premium version of the plugin satisfies the needs of the creative souls. Besides dozens of professional templates, it equips you with a drag and drop page builder. So if you like to show your designers skills on a coming soon page, just select an element and drag it to a place you like. Modify it, change images, colors, text, fonts, add maps… and create a perfect coming soon page you always wanted.

UCP templates

Take care of the content

Once you choose a design or build a custom one, you should take care of your content. So, don’t forget to write titles, subtitles, edit headings and explain yourself. As you’re building a coming soon page, let your visitors know what’s going on, and let them know when you’re getting back.

If you are using the premium version, you can also embed a newsletter or contact form to improve the interaction. Don’t forget to add the social media icons on the page – since users can get to your site, let them connect with you on Facebook, Twitter or maybe show them a few images on Instagram. With the PRO version, you can even get access to more than 400k pictures and show location on Google Maps.

Control the site

Once you put your site in a coming soon or under construction mode, people won’t be able to access the site. They will see the landing page you have designed for that specific purpose. So, how do you allow clients or a few chosen friends to see what’s happening behind the curtains?

With UnderConstructionPage, you’re just a few clicks away from that. The plugin will list all user roles that you have on the site so you select those that will be whitelisted. You can also specify usernames and IP addresses that get to see your regular site instead of the coming soon one.

UnderConstructionPage access control

If you generate a direct access link, you can simply copy the link and send it to your clients. If you set that link to expire after a few days or sessions, you can control who can see the site and who gets the coming soon page.


Since there’s a free version you can start with, we suggest that you try out the UnderConstructionPage plugin for WordPress. If the free one is good enough for you, you will have your coming page ready in under ten minutes, and we assure you that it will look great.

But if you want to make the best out of it, then consider the premium version that comes with dozens of extra features that will help you create a perfect coming soon, maintenance or coming soon page for your WordPress site. And when you realize that you get to build any kind of landing or sales pages with the premium version, you’ll never need another plugin of the kind.

What do you think of UnderConstructionPage? Have you ever had an active coming soon page on your site?


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