Conform Vs Transform

Conform Vs Transform

One of the reasons, most people get stuck and don’t succeed in life, in general, is because they conform to the way everybody else does it, rather than being transformed.

If we want to achieve something more, something great and extraordinary in life we have to transform ourselves first & then we can help others … By doing so, we transform our business, our personal lives and even our relationships.

You can either Conform or you can Transform, but you can’t do both. The difference between Conform & Transform …

The ‘Con’ in the word ‘Conform‘ means “with”. If you conform to the patterns of the world, you will blend in, nothing is going to change for the better. Everything is going to be the same, just another day, work, home, TV, dinner, kids, bed …

When  you decide to transform, which is the opposite of conform, you get to start from the roots, from your mind. You have to renew your mind. Unlearn some things, rebuild your vision and your beliefs.

The ‘Trans’ from the word ‘Transform‘ means “across”. If the way most people run their business or even their lives was successful, then everyone would be successful, but that is not the case. That is the average person and about 95% of the people are at this point. They simply conform to the pattern of the way everyone else does and stay in their comfort zone.

If you take any successful person, you will see the pattern of the transformation. Most of them once were on the other site, struggling, fighting with health, bills, personal issues … But they committed to transform and they got across.

A good question to ask yourself every time you are about to make a decision is:

“Am I conforming t0 the way everybody else does it?”

And if you are … stop!  And turn the opposite way, because if you keep doing it like everybody else, you will end up the way everybody else ends and that is mediocre.


Transform yourself

The goal is to start moving from where you are right now to somewhere better. How do we transform ourselves is through changing our minds.

Conform Vs Transform

Everything starts inside you and then show up on the outside. Transformation is a whole process, think about a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly. All the thing that are changing during the whole process, at the end she let go of her old self – caterpillar and rise as a new transform beautiful butterfly. (Image Credit: Image by praline3001)

We get caught up with old friends and habits, the way we are programmed to think about money, about success and successful people… All that programming that is getting you only mediocre results, all this has to be released. We have to get across and transform ourselves in order to become better, bigger and achieve great success.

All the old way of doing things, seeing things and understanding is holding us back … it has to go, all of it … to make a way for the new vision, the new way of thinking, understanding and doing things.

What keeps people from taking action is not that they don’t know ‘what to do’ it’s what’s inside their heads. It’s that fear of the unknown, the fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. Is that voice that will show up every time you are about to take action and remind you that this is a new and you aren’t use to it.

So start there, start within you, with the root, your mind, your heart, your desire and transform …

Everything starts from inside, your beliefs will become actions, and your actions will bring results.

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