Copy and Copy-writing Tips

Copy and Copywriting Tips

Copy and Copy-writing Tips

What is Copy?

Some people are intimidated when they hear the word “Copy.” The reality is that we are using copy every day when you go out and order our food, in your business, at work, at home, with your kids, your spouse, your friends…

A copy is everything we write, say, and read. We can even use it in our thoughts. We have to be aware of how we say things and what is the outcome of our words.

So there will be no case of “She said …He heard…”

Here is a simple example of using and approving your copy…

Let’s say you’re at a meeting.  But, you’re not entirely satisfied with the results of it or the conversations that went on. You start thinking: “I should’ve said this instead of what I said…” This right here it’s you thinking of approving your copy.

When you talk to your kids, let’s say you want their room to be cleaned once a week. If they don’t buy your offer, you know that the approach you used has to be changed. So next time you’ll represent the same offer differently. You do want the same outcome and the same offer But you’ll change the wording of your offer by adding something you know your kids would like – you’ll add a trigger, that will make your offer irresistible.

Live and learn, right?

It helps if we’re aware of how we say things and how we frame our thoughts. It takes practice, time, and some mistakes but once you are aware you can control it by quickly rephrasing your sentence.

Before anything, you want to position yourself as an asset not a liability. Keep your cheerful and fresh attitude everywhere you go.


Let’s talk about Copy-writing

What is Copywriting?

Copy-writing can be described as persuasive writing with the intent of driving action. And of course, there has to be a message to market match. Not everyone is going to be interested in your offer. But you have a percentage of hot prospects that are looking for you and what you have to offer.

Here is something that the seasoned direct response copywriter Doug D’Anna said about the process of copy-writing.

  1. The number one secret is to know your audience.
  2. Find out what they want.
  3. Make what you’re selling, match what they want.
“It takes a “Big Idea” to attract the attention of consumers and to get them to buy your product or service. Unless your advertising contains a “Big Idea,” it will pass like a ship in the night.”
                                                                                                                          ~David Ogilvy

The power of One!

  • Keep it simple! You want to keep that “Big Idea” a singular concept. Distraction is all around us.
  • Avoid the all you can have buffet approach. People get overwhelmed and confused. And we all know that confused mind doesn’t take action.
  • The more you can ask your prospect to do just one thing, the better result you will have.

The 4 P’s of Copy-writing

  1. Promise….what is the “Big Idea? What is the promise of your promotion?
  2. Picture….paint a clear picture of before – the desire, and after – the solution.
  3. Proof….back up that emotional impact with logic and credibility.
  4. Push….ask for the sale or the action.

Don Mahoney’s Secret Copy-writing Formula

Don Mahoney – from cabinet maker to one of the top copywriters working today.
  1. Get the prospect’s attention
  2. Keep their attention
  3. Make it impossible to refuse
  4. Compel them to act
“This hidden structure is the way to lead your prospect through the piece and build their interest in the product or service – getting them so excited that they are willing to spend a cold, hard cash to get it.”
                                                                                                                      ~ Don Mahoney

 Read Your Copy Out Loud

Copy and Copywriting Tips

One more essential step to ensure that your copy has a nice flow is to read your copy out loud.
When you’re reading silently, you may skip little hiccups that will cost your reader to stop for a second to think about it. And we all know that one second is plenty to take your attention away and change your mind.


Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!

Build Your Brand, Authority, Credibility

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