How To Create A Personal Brand

How Do You Create a Personal Brand?

Standing out is incredibly difficult with there being such a wealth of content and information available on the web.

So how do you go about getting noticed and standing out when we live in such a noisy world?

What Is A Brand?

When you hear the word ‘brand’, you probably think of things like Apple, Microsoft, Virgin or Coca-Cola. These are some of the biggest brands in the world and we have pretty good ideas of what to expect from their products and services, of what their logos look like and of what their guiding principles are.

But what about Angelina Jolie? David Beckham? Tim Ferriss? How about Pat Flynn? Or Hulk Hogan?  These are brands too. We know the name, we know the look and we also know what they’re all about and what their ‘mission statement’ is. These people have managed to turn themselves into brands just like those companies and have built up the same amount of recognition, trust and exposure that they have.

And you can do the same!


How to Become a Personal Brand

If you want to make your own personal brand, all you need to do is to put yourself at the forefront of your marketing campaign, web design and message.

It helps you to tell people about you, what service you provide and why they should trust you.

This of course means that you need to be willing to expose yourself to a large audience. And that also means that in many ways, you need to strive to become the embodiment of the message you’re selling.

Advantages of a Personal Brand

Having a personal brand makes social media easier.  And this is going to help you to build a lot of trust and familiarity with your audience. That means that the main brand for your website or for your business is going to be you.


In turn, everything you write will seem more relevant, more engaging and more fascinating and your audience will feel as though they know you – which definitely helps a great deal when it comes to winning their trust and making more sales/orders.

If you want to be heard online, you will need a VALUE PROPOSITION.


The Power of the Value Proposition

If you want to promote yourself and be heard online, then you need to understand what it is that drives audiences and that generates sales and clicks. The answer to that is always emotion.  You need to make sure that you are thinking about the emotion behind your message and that you are appealing to something deeper with your audience. Nearly all decisions to click or buy are impulsive and that means they’re driven by emotion.

What is a Value Proposition?

A value proposition is basically the most fundamental way in which your product or service is going to be supplying value. The old saying goes that you don’t sell hats – you sell warm heads. What this means is that people aren’t buying a hat for the sake of the material, they’re buying it for what it can do for them.

Think about why people come to your site?  These are things that people can really relate to and that will really motivate your audience to sit up and take notice. It is promoting a lifestyle. And that gets an emotional response.

If you can do this with your own brand – if you can find the lifestyle and the emotional drive behind it – then you can build a dedicated and passionate fan base that will help you to get a LOT more exposure.

Your value proposition is the thing that you are ultimately trying to sell and that means you’re thinking about what your product, service or blog does for someone. It’s the feeling that you’re giving that really matters .

Once you identify the lifestyle you’re promoting, you can then ‘sell’ that lifestyle through social media and through your personal brand.

Be consistent, make your social media inspiring and encouraging for those people because you are selling your lifestyle and helping more people to buy into that promise.


How To Be Heard Online

If you want to make the maximum impact online, then it’s not enough to have a social account and a blog, you will need to make sure that there is a brand behind that social account and behind that blog – something that ties all of your posts and all of your comments together under a single banner and a single message.  But a brand doesn’t just mean a logo.

So if a brand isn’t just a logo, then what is it?

You also need a visual language. Once you’ve created your logo, you’ll also have had to choose some colors and maybe some images that will relate to your business and that will form the basis of these logos.  You will need to take those colors and shapes and work them into everything else you do.  For example, if your logo is red, your website and your social media pages need red accents.

Your Mission Statement

You will need to create a mission statement for your brand. Essentially, a mission statement is a short paragraph or line that says what your business is about, what you do and why you do it. This is your goal, your vision and your commitment.


Authenticity Wins the Game EVERY TIME…..Be authentic, Be different Be Interesting and Make Sure You Are ALWAYS Offering Value.

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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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