Deep Freeze Fizzle

You know you’re in a “deep freeze fizzle” when…

You don’t know what to write next on your blog, so you don’t.

You have so many things to do, that you do none of them.

Before writing your ebook, you have to research everything else that’s been written on the topic from time of the Neanderthal.

You know how important it is to put a video on your squeeze page, but first you have to get a new haircut, buy a new outfit, get some snazzy lighting for the backdrop, paint your wall chrome green, take voice lessons, buy a course on how to do videos… and more.

I think you’re getting the point.

Online Entrepreneurs Need To Make Things Happen

When you stop making things happen in order to make them “right” or “better” or even (gasp!) “perfect”… you simply stop making things happen.

Now, there’s a lot of “good” reasons to put everything on hold while you study a course, do more research or ask some friends.

The problem is, that every one of those reasons will stop you from taking action.  They’ll stop you from putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, or face to camera.

So, while they may be “good” reasons from one perspective or another… they’re really only good for one thing: Procrastination.


Being perfect, up to date and unique are often used for “good reasons” to do nothing.

Get Productive, Not Busy

Oh, you may be busy.

Studying a course, building relationships on Facebook, connecting with mastermind peers, attending a “must” Google hangout…

These things keep you real busy.  It even feels like you’re accomplishing something.

What you’re actually accomplishing is: Procrastination.

Now that’s not to say that studying courses, attending important webinars and building key online relationships are unimportant.

Of course not!

But how many important things are you doing every day that… while being important… stop you from making actual progress?

What’s Progress?

By progress, I mean things like

  • completing the ebook you started 6 months ago (not working on it, completing it)
  • shooting, producing, editing, and publishing your video… and oh yea, actually integrating it into your squeeze page, blog post or Facebook app
  • curating an affiliate link that is perfectly congruent with your newsletter, copying it into a 5 day email sequence, and broadcasting it to your list

By progress, I mean

  • accomplishing things that will move your business forward
  • tying together loose ends and broken links so that your readers can take actions to buy your products and join your list
  • writing emails consistently that will both inform your readers about your niche, and entice them to make purchases that will bring them success

So, What Should I Start Working On?

Answer: Nothing.

By “accomplishing things” I mean

  • accomplishing things
  • not trying them out
  • not thinking about them
  • not planning them
  • not talking to others about them
  • not “working on” them
  • just plainly, simply accomplishing them

Everything that is not an accomplishment is, in one way or another, a very clever tactic called Procrastination.

A Little Procrastination Is Alright, Isn’t It?

Sure, if you want to put your business into a little tailspin.

Procrastination works like this for online entrepreneurs:

  • it brings your progress to a halt
  • it puts it in a deep freeze
  • it slows you efforts to a drizzle
  • it causes your business to fizzle.

Is There A Magic Cure?

Here’s my professional prescription (my bill is in the mail).

From time to time, stop everything you’re doing.

Take a deep breath, a walk around the block, or a hot bath.

Then, sit at your desk with a blank piece of paper and write a list of the things that you’ve actually accomplished over the last week, month, or year.

Next… write down a list of things that you know you’ve got to accomplish over the next week, month or year in order to take your online business to the next level.

Then, write out a Production Schedule.

List what you will accomplish and when.

Give yourself Hard Deadlines.

Do it.

That will start to thaw out the deep freeze fizzle, and allow your online business to grow, thrive and rise to the top.


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