Does Any of This Feel Familiar and Give You the Jitters

Honestly, does any of this feel familiar and give you the jitters?

It may not seem apparent to you, but self esteem – how you value yourself influences your blogging abilities and productivity. You may not want to admit to this.

Why is there such dismay over creating content for a blog? It goes beyond the question of “What to write”.

Why is there so much time spent on deciding what to focus on with your blog?

Why is the question “Where do I find content?” so prevalent? When ideas for content is everywhere.

I have come to accept the realization that it’s connected to self esteem. The very first, underlying thought, self-perception, and how one sees themselves in the world is this: I’m not good enough.

Does Any of This Feel Familiar and Give You the Jitters

What do I have to offer? Who would read my stuff?

You’d be surprised who WOULD read your stuff. But you don’t believe it.

Like anything we learn or choose to learn takes time! And I’m always amazed at how many want instant gratification, right?

You can apply instant gratification to eating ice cream – yum! But not to learning new skills and a new way of doing things on the internet in 2018 and in the years to come.

I grew up in a pretty negative environment and it’s taken years for me to shed and rip off the layers that’s held me back. I still struggle with some things to this day. Yet I learned skills to help me crawl out of a shell – yep.


I am, YOU are, NOT the sum of all the negativity
you’ve experienced in your life

I do believe I have the responsibility to probe, discover, and create a new way of thinking to stand tall in the front lines of success. So do you.

Blogging can be intimidating because the whole world will “see” you (maybe)! But honestly, the whole world will not see you because you’re one starfish in the ocean of millions. And being seen depends on how much you promote your blog.

However, more WILL discover you, but you have to get your head on straight and stop knocking yourself down.

First, compare what others have said or thought about you to how YOU think about yourself. Who’s right? Them or YOU? Your inner voice, your intuition, what you feel in your heart is always right.

No one knows you like you do. You only need to believe in yourself. You are enough and even more.

Second, cry. let all those hurts, negativity go. This takes courage and time but it is so releasing to let go of emotional pain because you’re not holding on to it. Good and creative results come from this.

Third, learn how thoughts in your mind work. 99.9% of stress and low self-esteem are negative thoughts parading around in your head like the Tasmanian Devil. Learn to control them – it’s empowering.

Forth, build on what’s RIGHT with you and celebrate ALL your successes, little or big – create a “Success Journal” marking down everything you’ve had success with.  It will be a reminder that will GROW STRONGER OVER TIME. Review it daily. The more you do this the more confident you become about you and what you have accomplished! And, it will show. People will notice.

Achieving what you want in life always requires a certain amount of personal development, yes? YES!

So now when it comes to blogging owning WHO YOU ARE will do many wonderful things. Ready?

  1. Because you accept yourself more, and realize you’re not a dummy because you’ve REMEMBERED ALL the SUCCESSES YOU have created and experienced, you feel more CONFIDENT and can do the blogging thing head on.
  2. You now KNOW you have valuable information to share with others because you are indeed a valuable human being on this planet Earth with your own perception of life.
  3. You are resourceful and if you don’t know about a certain topic, you research it and discuss it in your own way (writing using your own words – no copying, is a way to stand out).
  4. Worried about writing? Don’t be because many bloggers write in a variety of styles – reporting, dialogue, scientific, etc. What IS a must is: correct spelling, no repetition of words (use an online dictionary and thesaurus).
  5. Building an audience? Well, the more you write a post, share it, and COMMENT on other blogs the more traffic you’ll receive. And people like to hang out with those they get to know.
  6. Research, learn,research,learn – it will keep you’re mind full of ideas and topics related to your interests, or not – maybe you just learned something incredible and want to share it – DO it!
  7. Question your fear. Where’s it coming from?
  8. Build your confidence. Confidence comes from small successes.

That’s enough for now, I think.

Digest this post a bit at a time. If you think you’re a blogging wallflower – you created a blog and it’s in space and you haven’t done anything with it. It’s collecting cyber dust. Well, they’re are reasons for that and you have to ask yourself why.

But here’s one thing I really believe – your personality, likes and dislikes will dictate how you blog – your choices in using social media, the blog theme you use, and even your content choices.

All of this requires soul searching and enriching your self-esteem to take the blogging plunge.

All written with love. You can do it.


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