Expert Business Blog? Like to Find Out How To Have One?

What goes into making an expert business blog?

Ownership, contribution, and a dedication to growing a business blog as a professional marketer, and just plain hard work. The definition of a professional is: “engaged in by persons receiving financial return” ~ Websters Dictionary

So you probably know what a blog is, but in case you do not know.  A weblog or blog is an online type of journal,  in the form of text or articles written by the blog owner or by a guest blogger. The blog should also have photos or images, and videos that they share with their readers.

To Be Successful

A blogger or author or their contributors should have time to post frequently. Readers like to see new content every time they visit. The business blog owner should research specific topics that they know will be of interest to their target audience. They should also know who their target audience is.

Most bloggers will agree that starting out in the blogosphere is not easy. “The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as connected  community (or as a collection of connected communities”)
~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Starting Out As a Business Blog

At the start, bloggers don’t make a lot of money since they are building their readership base and setting the tone with their branding of their blog. It’s a learning experience that can take several years.

The first step in creating a blog is determining the topic or niche for your posts. There are many topics and choosing a niched down topic is a good idea. Such as:

  •  Not just Dogs as the niche but a certain type of dog, then you can go even further with subjects that are particular to that type of dog.
  • If these topics aren’t appealing to you the author,  it shows in your content. Not being consistent, and not having content that is appealing.
  • You will be writing about this subject for some time so you should always choose concepts in which you are passionate.

Some Examples Of  A  Successful Business Blog

Donna lives in Maine with her husband and business partner David and two dogs.

Donna has 128 people endorsing her for blogging according to LinkedIn.  “She has been online for 7 years. Donna has been blogging for years and teaches others how to blog effectively. Her journey has taken her to creating many digital info products. In the past 2 years,  she and David started a membership site and continuing to do 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring with bloggers and online entrepreneurs.” – LinkedIn

I know Donna personally, from a shared blogging community PAC. Power Affiliate Club. I enjoy reading Donna’s articles that are consistently excellent with such helpful information and very personal.  Her comments on her blog are one of the longest group of commentators for a good reason. She is a very good marketer and writer and an excellent blog coach with a great business blog.


“Focus on creating valuable content. Focus on driving traffic steadily to your content. Focus on converting that traffic into buyers” ~ Donna Merrill

Regina lives in  Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I found 37 people endorsing marketing with Regina on LinkedIn

“She went to school and studied business, and has published a few things for, Houston Chronicle Small Business, and

She attended The University of Texas at Austin – The Red McCombs School of Business

Passionate about encouraging others to start and grow fulfilling blogs, businesses, and freelance lifestyles. Specializing in step-by-step guidance for new “creativepreneurs” as well as nontraditional branding and marketing guidance.” – LinkedIn

Books on Amazon

The Small Business Manual & Workbook Special Edition: How to Plan, Build and Market Your Start-up from Scratch Paperback – May 1, 2013  Hot Button Press

A simple guide to help you plan and establish your first micro business, with over 40 pages of worksheets.

Second book   EPIC BLOG: One year Editorial Planner  December 9, 2014 Hot Button Press

This one-year blog editorial planner helps you create a purposeful and profitable content plan for your blog through a mini blog business plan, ideal reader survey, monthly theme planning, monthly content planning, and standard monthly calendars.

I saw an ad on Facebook for her webinar, so  I signed up for it. I was really glad that I did. It was 3-hour webinar with just her, talking about her business. She had a course that she was promoting.  I thought she was a very passionate marketer who loved her business. She is very prolific with many courses and products, one of which is a FREE Blog School.  Excellent blog content.

Steve lives in  Vancouver, Canada

224 have endorsed Steve for Blogging on LinkedIn. “For the better part of 2 decades (1992- 2010) Steve hosted and produced a nationally syndicated TV show called Dotto Tech (Dotto’s Data Cafe)   It was a “how to” show, teaching millions of Canadians about technology. Over the same period, he hosted a weekly call-in technology radio show, (8 years) and wrote a column for several newspapers (Vancouver Sun, Noth Shore News)”

“Beginning in 2012 Steve shifted his focus to the online world taking the Dotto Tech show to YouTube where he has steadily built a solid international community” ~ LinkedIn

I was one of those eager TV viewers. I was a beginner marketer in those days and really appreciated his “know-how” as well as his intelligent and funny personality. Fabulous business blog. A big fan! I am a member of this Patreon program- like crowdfunding for his staff.

Every Wednesday he teaches a  class. This week – The Social System – Your Web Site in WordPress
What you need to have set up on your website

 His programs on marketing using various tools such as Evernote training which is FREE with membership in his Patreon program.

How They Make Money

These expert professional bloggers earn a living through advertising on their blogs but more than that, they have programs and training memberships, digital products and some have written books that they sell on Amazon. Popular websites that have high volumes of traffic can generate more money from having their own products to sell,  on blogs that have large audiences. Don’t forget people buy from people they know like and trust.

This is another reason it is harder to make money when first starting out in the blogging world. In order to build readership and a fan base, bloggers should actively promote blog posts across various social media platforms. A blog can explode in popularity even overnight if a post goes viral on Facebook or Pinterest,  which generates high traffic volumes immediately.

Most bloggers appreciate the flexibility that this career option provides. Bloggers can work  remotely, which saves money on overhead costs,  such as:

  • expensive office space and commuting costs –  car expenses.
  • The number of hours worked per day is also up to the blog owner.
  • The freedom to decide how much they want to work is a very big plus since time with family is one big reason that people start a blog.

Those who want to work as bloggers can get started from anywhere,  anytime, with a small investment. As you can see from this article that the most successful blog businesses are willing to work very hard. They regularly provide interesting content for their readers, so they will keep coming back. Many bloggers also communicate regularly with readers via email or social groups and communities that assist and encourage their blogging members.

To see  two more people who have a  great business blog  -Suzi and  Kathleen  visit my site for my Resources list.

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