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Valentines Day and the  Facebook Love Challenge have gone  away again for another year.

I have a question for you though… Do you Love Your Facebook  Fan Pages ?

Recently PAC (Power Affiliate Club) did a weekly Challenge for our Facebook members’ Fan Pages.

I have the results of my campaign here for you…..Click here to go to my results

Research on Facebook FanPages

Customers from every business imaginable are on Facebook, and yes they use Fan pages for their businesses. At the start of 2016, Facebook had 1.59 billion active users per month. It’s grown ever bigger since then. It’s the place to be online for business.

You can see by my insights, that a week of people visiting your fan page gives you a great jolt of engagement. By engagement, I mean – people were liking, sharing and commenting on your pages.

In the blogging and affiliate community that I am associated with, many of our members  participated and while the results varied from person to person, much more engagement was made on their Fan pages.

The winner received 1000 visitors to their blog. This was done using one of the methods we use for promoting our member’s websites. It is called Traffic Monsoon. It’s a click ” traffic exchange” program that is taking the internet by storm.  There are members from 177 countries.  Free to join. Free services, Free Ads.

Ads that reach the world in a unique way, attaching it to multiple services that are revenue sharing. They reach a large audience.  Basically,  the website that is promoted on the exchange  and members click daily to earn points. Upgrades are available thru purchasing Ad packs. Money is paid out by Payza.

Power Affiliate Club

PAC is a community of bloggers, as well as affiliate marketers. PAC has a great community of members who share information and knowledge about blogging and other interests. There are daily activities for members to participate in. This  makes it a vibrant, inspirational, and motivating community.

As a PAC Expert Author, you write about your niche, and share your knowledge with our readers. PAC promotes your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to give you additional exposure. You become an “Authority” in your field. People are struggling online. You educate others and help them with their online experience. PAC elevates you more as a professional blogger. I am proud to be  an expert writer with PAC.

Need some action on your blog? Participate in the “BONUS POINTS”, contests and get even MORE comments on your blog! This is great when you’re just starting your blog, or have hit a dry spell and you need some activity on your website. PAC Members can help you.


PAC Members can list their opportunities or Affiliate Programs in our Power Affiliate Shop. We encourage  our members to shop from our members. This helps our members earn commissions and is a win/win for our community. Basic PAC membership and  Affiliate Programs are free. PAC Memberships have two other upgrade levels.

Facebook FanPages Information

So when is the best time to post?
This is a very familiar question on Facebook. You can get a variety of answers to this.  Looking at my insights from my different Facebook pages from the challenge, I see that the time differs a little from  page to page. For example, my page about my dog Sam – “I LoveMy Mixed Breed Dog”  has more people online in the evening, rather than my business type pages which favor regular working hours, 9am, noon, and 3:00 pm.  The exact number or reach depends on  your organic reach. Paid Ads are also listed on Facebook insights. Those are surprisingly different from organic.

What Types of Posts Are Best?

Certain types of posts do better than others.

Here is a list that works best on Facebook.
1. Questions  – so people can respond
2. Images – that are interesting, attractive
3. Videos  – are very big now embedded not YT
4. Links to content – articles etc
5. Giveaways – Free
6. Coupons – discounts

Did You Know That Sundays Are Big For Facebook Fan pages?

Analysis reveals that posts on weekdays all receive nearly the same amount of interactions (on average). However, posts on the weekend receive a significant amount more …. of engagement.

Sunday is the best day to post, with an average of 401.75 interactions, followed by Saturday at 365.30 interactions. Not sure exactly why this is but you will get more engagement on the weekend so save your important posts for then. Sunday being the best day of the weekend to post.

The Best Length of Article to Share on Facebook?

So you are linking to your content from Facebook? Right? If you are not, you certainly should be. People have a preference for consuming this  type of content. The posting length of the  article  that it connects to is pretty important.

Best articles to share are:

A post linked to a short article (of under 1,000 words), received the fewest number of interactions (171.65). This article you are reading now is just over the 1000 word amount.  1085 words.

Posts that included 1,000-2,000 word articles performed the best (277.37 interactions), followed closely by 2,000-3,000 word articles (274.06).

Facebook users enjoy in-depth posts, however, they also don’t want to spend hours reading one. Keep your posts between 1,000-3,000 words when possible.

The Effects of HashTags on Facebook are Not What I Thought.

This I found surprising …

In the past, hashtags almost always improved the amount of engagement that you get on most networks.

Well, the research says otherwise on Facebook:

These findings are variables… meaning your audience may behave differently than others. So best practices, test other options to see what works best for you. That being said…

Posts without hashtags received 34% more interactions than posts with hashtags. Unless you have a specific reason to include a hashtag, leave them off your Facebook posts.

In conclusion:

The 8 best practices that came from BuzzSumo’s research:

  • The best time to post is between 10 PM and Midnight of your audience’s local time
  • Posts with questions and images get the most engagement
  • The best day to post is on Sunday
  • Posts that link to articles between 1,000-3,000 words get the most interaction
  • Short post descriptions get by far the most interaction
  • Directly embedded videos get over 6x the interaction of YouTube videos
  • Images posted through Instagram get a 23% boost in engagement
  • Posts with hashtags get less interaction than posts without hashtags

Image courtesy of Kathryn R Maclean

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To Your success,

Kathryn R Maclean

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