How To Find The Best Buyer Keywords

If you work online, you need to know about keywords. If you have products to sell online, you need to know about the best buyer keywords to use. When you look at a keyword it’s important to know how tough the competition is going to be.

Any online marketer needs to know keyword research and the benefits of high search, low competition keywords and phrases to enable quick and effective ranking on the major search engines.

Buyer keywords are more competitive because everyone trying to sell a product online is pursuing that sale. Because of this heavier competition, it’s always best to build the basic authority into your website before you take on higher competition. Why? Think of it this way:

If you were to have a website with pages that rank well on the SERPs, do you think that maybe it will be easier to rank for more difficult ones? It should be if you stay relevant to your niche, which is a no brainer really.

Finding Better Converting Keywords That A Buyer Uses

Most buyer keywords will be product based. If you’re a network marketer, looking to join a network marketing opportunity or a potential affiliate marketer, this is especially useful. Researching the product in this way will help to show you how much competition there is potentially for your choice of product to promote as an affiliate. You can also do this for the product you will be promoting as a network marketer.

You need to get into more depth in analysing the true competition in your niche area. You should already know how to do that before you attempt anything for highly targeted and competitive buyer keywords.

A great way to find more keywords is to use “Modifiers”. This will include searching for things like:

  • Review Keywords
  • “Verses” keywords, which is where 2 products are compared.
  • Does [product] work
  • Does [product] really work
  • [Product] scam
  • Is [product] legit?

You can think of more based on these ideas, but that is the basis of the research.

Researching Buyer Keywords

I have some examples based on the Green Coffee Bean and weight loss. So let’s take a look at 3 of these:

Example 1.

Buyer keywords

As you can see from this example, there are just about 3.8 million results. This indicates a pretty healthy market for those finding out about the Green Coffee Bean Extract. Many will be looking to buy if they find out they’re onto something that can help them with their weight loss.

In the other examples below, you can see that “Green Coffee Bean reviews” has 2.14 million results and the keyword including scam 1.12 million. Each of these will probably be searched by people researching the product to help with weight loss.

Example 2.

finding the best buyer keywords

Example 3.

what are the best keywords a buys uses

Finding these buyer keywords is just a point of entering the product name and then applying the modifier list. If there are good results from the product, then there should be a benefit in looking at the modifiers to determine how many potential buyers there will be out there.

Of course, nothing is set in stone, but there is a good chance you can find some cool keywords to target.

Another way to find keywords is to visit the product pages or go to or a similar affiliate system to see if there are any digital products on the same subject. If there are, you can research what you find and then add the modifiers to see the potential results from there.

Take this example from Clickbank on a diet product called Fat Diminisher.

Fat Diminisher Review:

find the right keywords

You can see the results for this product are just under 500,000

effective buyer keywords

The results for this keyword are 174,000.

This indicates a pretty healthy demand for those looking at this weight loss system.

Finding good converting buyer keywords for any product is important when you’re looking to promote and sell affiliate products. You can also use this method when promoting the products offered by your network marketing company. When you have found these keywords, it’s time to get some articles written based on those keywords and do some work to rank those articles. With so many buyers out there looking, and with the authority you should already have built into your site, there is no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from this.

Before you go off to research your own buyer keywords, why not check out my PAC member page here. If you have found this useful please comment and share.


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