Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose

Why finding your purpose is important to you?

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.

~ 1993 David Viscott

We humans are not so different when it comes to our basic needs. But when it comes to our passions, we are unique in our own way. If you look at the paintings of hundreds and even thousands of painters, you will see that they all have a little personal spin that makes them different. There are many bakers, but they all have a unique signature bread.

There are a few things that I absolutely love doing, and I can even claim them as my passions. Those are activities that will take me away from everyday reality, will bring me peace and before I know it, a few hours are passed. Time flies when you are enjoying what you are doing.

Many times when people are looking at my cakes or my paintings they will say with great sadness: “You know Emi, I am 60+ years young and still don’t know what my passion is.” – It’s painful to see the insecurity in their eyes.

In May I was helping a group of young students between the age of 10-12. The kids were from a local Christian’s school. They wanted to make a cake for their next project, and the theme was “Noah’s Ark.”

I made a three-tier cake for the water and the ark. Then we had two meetings with the kids to create all the animals for the ark.

Find Your Purpose

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Some of the kids were so creative they didn’t need any help, they didn’t even look at the picture of the animals. It’s such a blessing watching them working with their little hands, as they will name every part of the animal they were creating.

You can see the finished cake on the picture. After they got everything done, the kids put together all the animals, secured them on the cake and painted some waves with dark blue buttercream.


Find Your Purpose

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I am so proud of their creative work!

Some of the kids were coming up with good logical ideas – those are the thinkers. If you watch them for a little bit, you will clearly see where they shine the most. Everyone has their own particular thing in mind.

To find your purpose, you must know your passion. What do you love to do the most? Who do you want to help?

If there is no time issue and you are not tired, what would you love to do right now for fun?

I strongly believe that we all have a gift. We have to dig a little bit deeper to find our desires.

There is something that you are good at, in fact so good that you might take your skills for granted. Think about the things that are coming so naturally to you, that you don’t even recognize as a unique skill.

It could be singing, playing a musical instrument, writing, reading, speaking, dancing,  or you may be an excellent communicator. It could be anything you like. The best part is that if you like something, but you don’t feel like you got it quite yet, you can learn the skill. Then you master it with practice and become great at it with more practice.

The key is to “never give up.” Is not going to happen overnight, but when you are consistent, committed and trust yourself that you can do this, soon enough you will see excellent results.

I am sorry that I didn’t take a picture of my biggest cake disaster. So I can prove to you that there was a time that my cake turned out looking like “scrambled eggs.”  Yep… I was making up my own recipe, and sure enough, my calculations didn’t work out the way I planned them to.

Well, I tossed it in the garbage. Ran to the local grocery store to buy more ingredients and started all over again. Didn’t even occure to me to give up.

You see, I had that light moist vanilla cake with whipped cream icing and fresh blueberries in my mind. And I was 100% sure that –  that will be the dessert for dinner on my birthday which was that same day.

I share this story every time with my students when I see that they start doubting themselves. After we get a good laugh out of it, I can see them a bit more relaxed and motivated. Well in our case our mistakes are edible, so not too much to lose anyway.

Find your purpose, find your passion! Make life more enjoyable!

When you combine your passion with your purpose you feel more satisfied in life. You collect the rewards of creating your masterpiece and then one more time when you give it way and see the smiles and happy faces of the receiver…Priceless!

Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!


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