Five Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Five Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Five Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

In its infancy, the internet was so easy to find your way around and start making a decent living online through affiliate marketing.

You put up a site; either stand alone or using WordPress, add some information and some links and drive some traffic to it and “voila,” you’ve made sales and you are really hyped up now and ready to rinse and repeat over and over.

It’s still that simple to build a site and monetize it with affiliate links but hold your horses, the rules have changed and unless you change with them and comply to them, you are going to fail big time at affiliate marketing.

Still after all of the Google algorithm changes, animal updates, etc. some people still think finding the highest paying affiliate program is going to draw the traffic in and therefore make sales right behind it.

Choosing an affiliate program that pays a higher commission is “NOT” a great business model.

Be choosy about the business model you set up and make sure you put your whole heart and effort into the project.

If not, it is easily going to be flagged by a crawling bot and send your site right down the tubes or using the older term would be “Sand-boxed” to maybe page 50 of Google’s search page, if you are lucky.

Avoid these five mistakes and you can be on a certain path to start earning online.  Notice I did not say it would be instant or overnight.  That’s only in fairy tales.  

1.   Choose a product that is already a known sought after item or proven selling product.  There may be competition but a little competition is what you want.  Just don’t pick something with  a “Huge” amount of competition because more than likely you don’t have the money to compete with companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, Sony, Nintendo, etc.

2.   Make it a point to check the affiliate program to see if you are provided with materials for promoting their products, like banners and emails.  Sometimes they will offer other tools and advice to help you in promoting their product.  They want to make money too, so it’s in the best interest of both parties to work with each other in your advertising.  

3. Make certain that their payment method is preferably from one payment provider only.  And be sure to make a note of the payout threshold they have set up.  If you have to earn, let’s say $50.00 for your first payout, then a few ads here and there are not going to keep sales coming in and you could lose your commissions you’ve already made.

4. Make sure the affiliate program is “NOT” just an email gathering scheme.  Sure gathering email for your own list is important but if you are promoting something so the company benefits from the emails that you worked for and you don’t benefit in any way: what’s the use?  Build your own list, not someone else’s. (NOTE: Be sure to mention if you are GDPR compliant) Excellent Video explaining GDPR from Digital Marketer:


5.  Upsells; watch out for “UPSELLS.”  If you’ve been online for any amount of time, I’m sure you have run into this.  You sign up with your email to purchase something and the next thing you know you are bombarded with one upsell after another and many times the first thing you bought in the beginning will not even work without the additional purchases.

Google the program for reviews and find out all you can before you jump in head first.  The product may already have lots of bad reviews.

Grant it, some are going to be just “revenge reviews” but after a while, you will be able to sort of have a sixth sense about what is good and what’s not.  Trust your gut instincts.

Okay, now we’ve learned what I believe is the five most important things to watch out for when you are deciding on becoming an affiliate representative for a product.

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Take what you’ve learned and start doing some research and make informed decisions.

Your business depends on it.

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