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For Success FOCUS on what You KNOW

Are you in Internet Marketing, or Network Marketing on the Internet? If so you’ll probably have discovered there are a lot of things to do to be “successful”!

Does this look like your ToDo list?

You need to Blog regularly, Guest post, visit other people’s blogs, comment and share; Post to Facebook, create viral content for Facebook  Tweet your posts, Put pictures on Pinterest and don’t forget Instagram…. And of course Videos on YouTube, no wait, videos for Facebook… might as well do it for both.

Ahhh they say make it easy on yourself …Schedule it all, which scheduler should you use?  Hootsuite, Buffer,  Mass Planner and probably a dozen more private products.. Which one is best… more to learn.

And you still have all that content to create

Then there are all the tools helping you to do it all better, rank your videos higher on Youtube; Get more likes and shares on Facebook, if you ever want to set your face in front of the camera, then let’s make whiteboard videos and let’s turn your articles into videos, let’s turn your videos or someone else’s into articles, learn to drive more traffic to your funnel Design the best optin, design the best funnel; 15 ways to build the best blog, no wait 150 ways to build the best blog….

Don't Get Confused Stay Focused on What you Know

Stay Focused

It is easy to get  caught up in the madness of all these “must have” tools if you ever want to see any success on the Internet.

Some of these tools are great and I love them too.


But what is it you really must have…

Let’s make this simple.  What you really want is a list, that allows you to market some great products and services to happy customers, customers that say, “Thank you” and come back and buy from you over and over and over again.

Is that it?

OK now it sounds more doable doesn’t it?

So can you achieve that? Yes you can but… there’s that nasty word putting a damper on your dreams, it isn’t necessarily easy.

However let’s make it easier…

Remember there are four things we really need:

  1. You need people who have a problem they want to solve or a goal they want to achieve or a result they’d like to have that makes them “want” what you have to sell to them, we’ll call that in internet terms, “Targeted Traffic”;
  2. You need to make a compelling offer to them that is so good they’ll overcome their fear and distrust of the internet to give you some of their information, like an email address;
  3. You need a communication tool that showers them with value, showing them that you understand where they are and what they feel and you can help them get to where they want to go. In the process helping them to realize that you really are a good person to do business with; thank you GetResponse or the autoresponder of your choice; and
  4. Finally you need a deep funnel of valuable things to sell to them on a regular basis, good affiliate offers work for this.

Now it doesn’t feel so overwhelming does it?

No “Yeah Buts”

Ahh but I hear your “Yeah buts…” in the background. Yes you have to drive traffic to that compelling offer, and Yes you do have to have something valuable to offer them, and Yes, you do have to build that line of communication and trust.

Now you enter the danger zone… as you start to ask yourself “How?”  How am I going to drive that traffic? How am I going to find or create a compelling offer?  What am I going to say to them to bridge that communication gap?

This comes down to one thingKNOW your targeted audience.

KNOW Their Biggest Concern or their Biggest Desire!

Speak to that and show them how you can either solve their problem or move them closer to their goal.

KNOW where they are most likely to hang out?

Learn to drive that traffic. For example: Facebook has endless traffic.  If your target market hangs out on Facebook then learn to drive Facebook traffic to your offer.  If they’re more likely on Youtube then learn how to drive YouTube traffic.

You see these social media sites are nothing more to us marketers than an endless source of targeted traffic that we can drive to our offers;

KNOW what to offer that audience that would be of value to them!

Often times an information product that really adds to their knowledge will be valuable enough to get them to give up their email and these type of products are easily delivered. If you don’t want to create it check out PLR related to your targeted audience.

For those of you unfamiliar with PLR it stands for Private Label Rights, and many people write books and articles on various topics which they sell very inexpensively and allow you to rebrand as your own. Find one that eases the pain or moves your targeted audience closer to their goals.

Rewrite it!

PLR is great as a thought starter but you want Your people branded to you so rewrite it in your voice and your style.

Now you have something of value that you can give away to get the relationship started.

Remember these people can’t see you or hear you or speak with you so you have to build up that Know Like and Trust factor with valuable content.

So start offering valuable content!  It doesn’t all have to be FREE but it does have to have great “perceived” value. If you don’t know what to write find some PLR emails that were designed for your targeted audience.

If you’re offering products or services write about the benefits they are going to get when they acquire this product or service.  How is it going to enhance their lives?  No one wants to be sold to but they love to buy things that will make their lives better in some way.

Once you KNOW your target audience and KNOW where they are located do everything you can to get in front of them in various ways, all while staying focused on your goal of building the relationship to allow you to sell them many products and/or services over a long period of time.

Now start offering them products of value that cost money.  But don’t assume they are going to know the value of what you are offering to them.

Spell it out in the form of benefits.  What are they going to get from what you are offering to them that they don’t already have? How will this make their lives better?

Remember how the marketers you buy from sell to you.  They show you how this will move you closer to your goal of making money on the internet, or they solve a problem that you have with a current source of traffic, or in the case of PLR they solve a problem that you have in not knowing what you can offer to your tribe.

Marketing 101

This is marketing.  Create great value and offer great value and clearly show them the great value that you are offering to them.

No one wants to be sold to but they love to buy so offer them several reasons why buying this will be one of the best decisions they have made this year.

Keep Focusing on what you KNOW about your targeted market. Learn only the skills necessary to offer them great value.

Don’t keep buying stuff because someone can show you how you might make money from it or how it might help you.

Focus on your Target Market… does this (whatever you are looking at)  make it easier or better for you to market to them not everyone… just to your specific target market.

Master one way to drive targeted traffic and when you think you have completely exhausted that way then and only then learn another way.

So stop buying anything until you know with absolutely no doubt who is your target audience.  You must Focus only on them if you want to successfully market anything.

You’re not selling products or services! You’re offering people life enhancements; so you must know what their current life is like, so you can enhance it.

So let us Enhance Your Life

 To Your Success

Mary Sloane

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