Focus Group on Steroids

Focus group on “steroids” – you decide…

I have been working online off and on for years and most of that time I have muddled my way through, getting tips and ideas from people here and there.

But I could never concentrate enough or seem to get all of the pieces to fit together in a way that I could understand until I found “The Focus Group on Steroids.”

Lesly Federici and I created PAC (The Power Affiliate Club) with one thing in mind and that was to encourage members to help members by shopping from each other.

Since then, PAC has grown into so much more than we could imagine; groups, activities most every day, teaching and you have the whole membership base behind you when you need help with advertising.

The focus groups: The PAC Regular Focus Group and The PAC 5% Club was created by Lesly because she saw that others were also needing some kind of structured guidance.


The PAC 5% Club as Lesly calls it “Focus Group on Steroids” is an amazing step into your continued education and belief in yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

Both focus groups provide an extreme amount of friendship, support, ideas and encouragement but The PAC 5% Club requires your commitment to be even more focused and more intense if you plan to succeed online in whatever business model you choose.

No sugar coating here, The PAC 5% Club requires you to work and work hard but it will be so worthwhile once you see the difference in your sense of being more self confident and a greater belief in what you are working towards.


For 8 weeks, each member plans their own course of action and each week we meet to discuss what action you took, did it work, what you could have done better and what you will do to achieve your goal by the 8th week.

So, if you are having problems with focus, confidence and just not sure what path you need to be traveling, The PAC 5% Club is just right for you.

I can without a doubt say that I have achieved more happiness and success online since the focus groups were formed…

Are you ready to hold yourself accountable for what you do online or continue to jump around from one biz op to the next one and then blame the program because you see no success in sight?

We ARE the 5% who will succeed online and not the 95% who fail or never take action.

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To Your Success,

Monna Ellithorpe

Thank You For Shopping PAC!


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