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Are you looking for FREE royalty free images?

Are you confused about what that even means?  

Let’s end the confusion and find those great  free images.

To begin we must start at the beginning. It is time to clear up the confusion that the idea of “Free Image Sources” brings to mind. It is even more confusing when terms such as “royalty free”, “usage rights”, “digital ownership”, “attribution” and “Creative Commons” are thrown about. So what does it all mean?

  • Free Images Sources are just that. These are photos that you can use without paying any royalties. Royalties are fees that you pay for use of someone else’s property which in this case is a photo.
  • Royalty Free means that you do not have to pay any party for the use of the property. Do note that the owner still owns the copyright to the merchandise.
  • Usage Rights refers to the rules governing the use of a product which in this case is the rights for using something in which you do not hold digital ownership.
  • Digital Ownership refers to proprietary rights over virtual assets.
  • Attribution refers to giving credit to the person who own’s the rights. 
  • Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.

Now that you understand the terminology, let’s go hunting for some Free Image Sources.

  1. Morgue File
  2. Flickr
  3. Pixabay
  4. FreeDigitalPhotos
  5. Google Images (click on: search tools, usage rights, labeled for reuse) 
  7. Openphoto
  8. Stockvault
  9. Unprofound 
  10. Dreamstime
  11. Free Digital Photos
  12. Free Range Stock
  13. Free Photos Bank
  14. Public Domain Pictures
  15. Canva
  16. Your own Photos 🙂 As in take some photos 🙂

This is exciting stuff. You now understand how to use free images, you have found great free images sources and now you want to personalize it. How do you do that?

It is easy with such services as PicMonkey and Photoshop Express. Click on over there and play with the free editing tools and then decide if you wish to pay for the upgrade.

After all this if you really do not want go through the efforts of finding the right picture, editing it and making sure that you are using it properly then consider using a virtual assistant to help you, or a service such as fiverr.

Keep in mind that the placement of a photo in a post can drive up your social media shares by as much as 50% so do not skip this important step.

Do you have great resources to add to this list? Please comment below so we can keep the resources up to date. Thank you.

Naturally Yours,

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

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