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A while back on Infobunny I wrote an article about how you should never do keyword research again, or at least not in a conventional way.

Keyword research and SEO have been overcomplicated by those seeking to either sell a product or information.

I’m very much about keeping it simple yet effective and if it is simple what is there to sell? hence everything is overcomplicated.

Free keyword research doesn’t pay the bills for the developers who create and maintain these keyword generators.

The conventional way of doing keyword research is to pump a keyword phrase idea into a tool and let it offer you suggestions for words and phrases that you should be looking to implement. You are shown the search volumes and other analytics to help you decide the best options from those that you are shown.

The big problem I have with this method is like I said its just overly complicated and secondly any of the good keyword tools cost you big money.

Now paying the money is not a bad thing if it saves you time and brings you results but paying the money is not going to get you results if your domain is new and has no authority or rank and you can only get that over time and by becoming trusted by Google.

My Strategy

My strategy is really simple and something that I use to good effect and it is just to leverage Google search suggestions and related searches as my keyword research tool.

And I do this because Google tells me everything that I need to know and because there are no good free keyword research tools out there? And what there is costs money and is overcomplicated.

If you are wondering if my keyword strategy works just take a look at the screen capture below.

The search term that I used for that article was ” never do keyword research”


Free keyword research - How do you find good keywords for free

Pay attention to Neil Patel’s article ranked number 3

But pay more attention to the article ranked 2 😉

In his post, Neil basically says exactly the same as what I have said in that keyword research is no longer a priority and that instead, you should work on just making your content better because good long-form content equals keywords.

If you rank on Google it is basically down to your content being good.

Instead of searching for hours for the best keywords Neil tells us to instead focus on user intent. And that is exactly what I do when I leverage “related searches” and “people also ask” results.

You can read Neils article here – Why You Shouldn’t Do Keyword Research for Your Blog Posts (And What to Do Instead)

There is no better method of finding user intent than leveraging search and letting Google or Bing show us the users intent when they search.

If I was selling you something

Now if I was selling you something I would now tell you that you need to do this and do that, sign up here and buy this.

But I’m not selling anything.

For me to get those results above all that I did was just to use my Google related searches strategy.

If you want to read about it then here it is – Never do keyword research again. Do this instead

Now in this article, I am going to use that same strategy but then mix it up and use some conventional keyword research.

So why am I changing?

Well, I am not dropping what I have done in the past because it clearly works. I’m just going to try something new in addition to what I already do for my keyword research just to see if it makes my strategy better.

So let’s get to it

Its a fact that I don’t like keyword research tools because they are overly complicated and almost always cost money. But what if I told you there was a new free keyword research tool that was easy to use? No monthly payments, no buy it now, no opt-ins to get access no upsells?

Well, it is true there is a new free keyword tool that at first glance does look easy to use and yes it really is free.

So let’s test it out.

Introducing Ubersuggest

SEO and Marketing Expert Neil Patel has created a free keyword research tool called UberSuggest, it is part of 

Now you can’t really move around the web as a marketer without seeing Neil pop up in some very prominent places and that is because he really knows his stuff, there is no doubt about that.

The big question is why is Neil giving away this keyword tool for free?

Well the answer is simple he can and he does because the traffic and the leverage it gives him keeping his Ubersuggest tool free is way more valuable than any monthly he can get. This is a free keyword tool that pays him in traffic and link backs.

And he has already gone on record in saying that keyword research is just not that important anymore anyway.

A keyword tool is only as good as the domain using it.

Users will quickly find this out if they are paying monthly cause they will demand results.

If you have no domain authority the low hanging fruit may as well just hang. On the other hand, if you pick it with some domain authority then you will dominate.

Keeping Ubersuggest free just brings in so so much traffic. Users are already writing reviews about it and promoting it everywhere. Neil can very clearly see the bigger picture.

So let’s use Ubersuggest and start to put this all together

We need a working title so some that jump out to me at the moment that covers the topic that I am writing about are “Best Free Keyword Tool” or “How to do keyword research” We can use one of these as a quick, off the top of the head idea. Lets put them both in Google and see what people are searching for.

This is what we get for Best Free Keyword Tool”

keyword tool free
best free keyword research tool
google keyword planner free
best free keyword research tool 2017
google keyword traffic tool
keyword tool youtube
keyword suggestion tool
free keyword research tools for seo

and for “How to do keyword research” we get.

keyword research and analysis
free keyword research
seo keyword research tool
keyword research template
keyword research process
how to do keyword research 2016
keyword research tools
keyword analysis tool

We then also get some People Also Ask suggestions from Google and they are

How do you find good keywords?
How do you search for keywords on Google?
What are the keywords in a research paper?
How do you search for keywords in a document?

So let’s just choose one of the above and add it to Ubersuggest

We will go with “How do you find good keywords?” This is now a working title for the article.

And this is a some of the results we get.

Free keyword research -

The four highlighted keywords have decent search volumes and on Googling them have some strong competition for the phrases. So for the purpose of this keyword research example, we will go for free keyword research”  as the main keyword and see if we can get some results because we like a challenge. 😉

Now we have to build a final title around our keyword phrase.

So we can have

Free keyword research tool – How do you find good keywords?

Free keyword research – How do you find good keywords for free?

How to find good keywords with this free keyword research tool?

And bingo we have a winner, let’s go with Free keyword research – How do you find good keywords for free?” and then gently sprinkle variants within the article

And that is pretty much all there is to my version of keyword research.

Free Keyword Research Tool - Ubersuggest - Is it any good

Free keyword research – How do you find good keywords for free – Takeaways

So let me start by asking a question.

What do you notice about the related Google search results and People also ask results with those of Neil Patel’s free keyword research tool Unbersuggest?

Well, they are pretty damn similar. Which begs the question why do you need a keyword research tool in the first place?

The only real useful analytic that Ubersuggest gives really is the volumes. Google related searches are the popular searches and it is those guys that we want to appeal to.Do you need the volumes?

Just because a keyword has a good search volume doesn’t mean its a good keyword for you. If you use it and then find out that every authority site under the sun is using it then guess what you’re not ranking high.

Keyword research is just one part of the puzzle along with SEO. When you get both of those elements on point and you consistently create content then your domain authority grows and that is when you really start to get results.

Is Ubersuggest any good? Well yes, it is but it doesn’t really do anything that you cant really already achieve on Google search.

Keyword research does still have a big part to play in ranking on Google but the rule is [tweet_dis inject=”#FreeKeywordTool #PowerAffiliateClub #KeywordResearch @dexterroona”]keep it simple it is your content that counts. ;-)[/tweet_dis]

Regards Dexter

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