Free is Not a Good Idea with a Website

Free is not a good idea when it comes to websites.


If you start building a website for your business you want it to look professional, don’t you?

Starting out with a website that is cheap is not the way to go. It is a much better idea to get some input from a website marketing expert who can help you make the best decisions starting with a content management system you pick to run your site on.

I have been creating websites since 2005 and the biggest mistake I see people making is using a free website. You need to invest in your own website like you invest in your business.

Today it’s all about networking, so a first impression is so important – it’s everything! If someone contacts me and wants to network and they have a free site, I really question just how serious they are about their business.

I have known people who started out with a free site and planned to upgrade later. However,  it’s a real problem to switch hosting services and move your site.  It’s really frustrating…

I know that very well because I have done it. So start the right way the first time. If you don’t know how, get some help and get started. I have a series coming soon that outlines all the steps in starting a website/blog on WordPress.


Using WordPress

You can use additional features. WordPress is highly flexible and incredibly powerful. You don’t get these added features on a free site.


The main reason to use WordPress – you own the site. With a free site you only rent it. With a free site there is no guarantee that that the company will be available for any amount of time.

On a hosted WordPress site space is unlimited. On a free site space is limited due to ban width of the particular company. It’s expensive so they use banners and ads that show on a free site. Support may not be there or be any good. With WordPress, your emails are not branded with your website domain. WordPress has additional items such as plugins to extend functionality, shopping carts, & themes, etc.

A professional business has its own domain name. Free domains may be free for a year or so but who knows what they will charge after that. There is -always a catch with a Free site.

If you have an offline or online business you will have a business plan that will include investing money. No one makes money online with a site on the free sites, like or Weebly etc. Most businesses today use WordPress, that has its own domain with a hosting company. Free websites are not taken seriously.

Years ago building a website was an intimidating process. So much so that I paid $500. for my first site and that was over 10 years ago. Since then I have taken many courses and learned from many people just how to set up a WordPress website/blog. I loved it so much I started my own company. So now thanks to WordPress creating a website is much easier, and much more fun.

Blog Or Website?

Do you know the difference? Most don’t.
A Blog is a type of website. Most blogs have a homepage with posts down the page, newest post on top. This is a WordPress default.

A static website is more manual and usually doesn’t use WordPress. It uses software or HTRL/CSS. To publish content you either use the editing software or learn to use FTP. This is not very popular as today’s method of blogging is the choice of most website creators.

Not to confuse you but you can create a “static” site with WordPress by changing how your content is arranged. Not necessarily sort by date. That is just WordPress default.

Creating your self-hosted WordPress Blog

Did you know that there are two types of WordPress sites?
Most people do not understand this starting out. is owned by WordPress and you can not add any monetization. It’s also a free site, but you do not own it, WordPress does.

What you want is a self-hosted WordPress site. You need your domain name and web host. You install the WordPress script on your domain from a control panel. It only takes a few mins. Typically a very simple process with most web hosts.

You Can Start Your Blog Today!

If you want to create a WordPress site, you can get low cost hosting at either Host Gator or GoDaddy. These are the hosting sites that I recommend.

If you want to go with a basic static website you can choose a regular web hosting platform and use the free templates that WordPress provides or See the Themes page for my preferred themes with Studio Press.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono with Free Digital Photos. net

Need  help? Contact me on my website. Happy to help.

To your success, Kathryn Maclean





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