Get A Coach – Be A Coach

Need to get a coach? Or trying to be a coach?

It’s a funny question because it seems like if you need coaching, you’re not ready to be a coach, right?

On the other hand, if you’re providing coaching to others, especially on a paid basis, you certainly must be way beyond needing a coach yourself, right?

Well, both of those premises are not right… they’re wrong.

I’m a coach.

I help bloggers and internet marketers improve their businesses.

I get paid to do this.

At the same time, I don’t hesitate to get coaching when I need it.

In fact, I’m just about always enrolled in one coaching program or another, and have hired some very top internet marketing coaches on more than one occasion.

Yes, it can cost quite a bit of money.

But I do it because it’s far more cost effective than trying to figure everything out for myself.

It’s kind of funny, the whole idea of figuring things out for yourself.

Can you do it?


You also don’t have to go to a university to learn chemistry or aeronautics.

You really don’t.

If you’re a teacher, you certainly don’t need to have other teachers teach you how to teach, do you?

Well, if that were the case, then all those “schools of education” are pretty pointless.

So, here’s the thing.

You can do anything by yourself, but be aware of two big pitfalls you will encounter by going that route.

1. Time

Can you build a blog or other online business into a profitable enterprise?


But how long will it take you to figure out how?

It will take you far more time to learn aeronautics or chemistry by combing through musty libraries and obscure websites than it will be enrolling in a university degree program.

That’s because the university has hired people who know what they’re doing.

They’ve dedicated their lives and energy to their field, and they know how to deliver that information in a way that will help you learn it, and help you learn it fast.

After all, if your chemistry professor has been at it for 30 years, he/she isn’t about to put you through a 30-year training. Instead, you’ll get the fast track, the distilled version of what’s most important to learn, and in what order.

The same applies to building a profitable online business.

You can do it, but how many months and years have you got?

How long will it take before you feel like it’s just going to take forever to “get there”… so you give up?

2. Vision

You also run the risk of doing things without knowing where you’re heading.

Running an online business involves many moving parts.

Which ones should you master?

How important is it to build a squeeze page?

How do you do it?

Is posting videos to YouTube a big deal?

How many, how often, how do you do it?

When you enroll in the university degree program, you are guided through the appropriate sequence of courses that you will need in order to become a recognized authority in your major field.

That’s because, while you’re trying to figure out one molecular structure from another, the Chemistry Department has been organized to make sure that there’s a bigger purpose to what you do.

They have a birds-eye view, if you will, over everything you do.

The same applies to an online business.

A coach can give you a bigger vision for what you’re doing.

A coach can guide your through the proper sequencing and prioritizing of what you do.

That way, when you sit down to work, there’s a big vision guiding the little things you do.

Now there’s a lot of other reasons to get coaching for your online business.

But these are the big ones.

They’re the ones that people usually hire me to help them work through.

They’re also the same reasons I work with a coach.

And, they’re the same reasons that the coaches I work with, also work with coaches.

It’s not a climb to the top, looking for THE coach that knows it all.

There is not top.

Every coach has different areas of expertise and different styles.

That’s why sometimes, I even do a coaching exchange.

Somebody might show me how to do something better than I’m doing it, and in return, I’ll help them improve somewhere in their business.

The funny thing is, a large percentage of the people who hire me as a coach do it because… they want to learn how to coach.

So I walk them through all the steps required to do online coaching.

Now, when I say “online coaching” I don’t mean to imply that all my clients want to coach others about running an online business or blog.

That’s what I do.

It’s not what most of my clients do, though.

They coach people other things, like health, finances, pet care.

But they want to do it online, and that’s where I come in.

I don’t tell them WHAT to teach their clients, I help them figure out how to get their own clients and how to structure their coaching programs to make them profitable.


So where do you stand in all this?

Are you trying to Get A Coach?

Are you trying to Be A Coach?

I have a foot in both pools.

How about you?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

To Your Success,

Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill is a top pro blogger at She also runs the very popular “Whirlwind Success VIP Club,” a dynamic coaching club that helps both newbies and pros build successful online businesses, networks and followings.

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