How To Get The Best From Social SEO.

One thing you cannot disregard as an online marketer is SEO. Whether you like it or not, this is essential in some form or other to get ahead. Social SEO is something that has evolved over the past few years and is a vital part of any marketing strategy if you have a blog or any other web property.

Social media, being so popular these days, and at the forefront of a lot of marketing ideas and plans, is something you need to use in your daily marketing efforts, which should include SEO. So how can you get the best from your social media and SEO?

SEO And The Social “Stack”

You may know about “tiers” when getting links back to your site. If you don’t, it’s simply where you get a link from an authority source to your site, which is tier 1, and then you get a link (or several) to that authority site post, which becomes a tier 2 link. You can “ramp” this up with more tiers. Essentially, the social SEO “stack” is a form of tiered linking. Let’s take a look at this example using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest:

social stacking for SEO

You can, of course, use Linked in, Instagram, Tumblr, Google plus and other properties to set up similar linking strategies. Like so:

the power of social stacking and SEO

With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus having domain authority of 100, you can see how some of that authority can be transferred to your site. The important thing is to mix things up so that you have different social properties linking to your posts / site in different orders. This does help to “naturalize” the way this all works.

It can be a time consuming task to do all of this stuff, but it is a proven way to increase your own site’s authority. I have seen rises of 7 points in DA (Domain authority) in just a couple of weeks by adopting just ONE method of this strategy.

One of the best ways to get this done is to set it up in IFTTT and let it run automatically. The links flow to your posts and from social media to social media when you add a new post. If you feel this is all too much for you, I can offer you a bespoke service to set all this up. Contact me via my PAC member page HERE and I will arrange a short consultation with you.

In certain niches you may find that your site will rank quickly with just this valuable strategy, but there are no guarantees of this. It is an essential part of an overall SEO strategy to help to “power up” the authority that is so important to your site these days.


If you have more than one site, this is important for each site you have. Also, the social media pages (not usually profiles in the case of Facebook, but pages) will need to be relevant and as niche specific as possible to get more authority to be passed through. This linking should also help any SEO to your social media accounts too.

Social SEO is very important and can help you gain some authority quickly when done correctly. As I said earlier, it is an essential part of an overall strategy and rarely something you can solely rely on to get ranked 100% of the time.

I hope you found this useful. If so, please share and comment.

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