Get Google to index your site in under 9 minutes

As bloggers, we want our articles seen. It just makes sense to get them seen as quickly as possible. So we need to get Google to Index our site fast for this to happen.

Here is the Infobunny way to get Google to index your site and articles fast.

Every time I create a new article on Infobunny and on the PAC Club, I’m always looking to get what I create indexed and seen as quickly as possible. Here is how we do it.

1/ How to get Google to Index Your Site – On page SEO

You need to optimize your pages so that they are Google friendly. Use HTags on all your headings. Implement Alt Image Text on images so that Google has useful image keywords to index (you want them showing in Google Images).

Link out to authority pages that enhance and add to what you have written. Set up internal linking to other relevant articles you have written. Now I’m assuming that you have a SEO Plugin on your blog, you need to make the plugin love what you have written.

If you are using the Yoast SEO Plugin then pay attention to the readability section on the plugin. Turn as many of the buttons Green as you can.

On page, SEO won’t get you indexed faster. But what it will do is help you organically rise in the SERPS as you get noticed.

If Google likes your site it instantly gets a whole lot easier to get indexed fast.

How to get Google to index your site fast

2/ Share, Share and Share some more

This is something that i have written about before. You need to get the word out fast.  Social sharing is really easy and takes no time at all if you are using Google Chrome and have your social channels added as share buttons onto chrome.

Here are the main services that we share to

  1. Google Plus – You have to share to Google Plus because Google Plus posts index just about instantly. Google loves Google after all. Your Google Plus shares are almost an instant signal to Google for the spiders to come and crawl you
  2. Twitter – Twitter is a hive of activity, especially when you add some relevant HashTags. You can even add a Twitter Plugin like Tweet This that allows you to make text sections within your article clickable Tweets. For a live example and more info on Tweet This then check out. How to get more Tweets with Tweet This (linking out to authority example 😉 )
  3. Pinterest –  It is so simple just to click the Pin button at the top of your chrome browser. You will be presented with all the images you have created for you to then share. You added your alt image text when you optimised so your description is already added to any shares you make.  Just add some tags and away you go. Create more than one board. Your images more than likely fit into more than one category. For example the images on this article could be pinned to a board called Pac Club and again to a board called Social Media. Here is a great article about why you should create multiple boards How to share your Facebook brand on Pinterest (Internal Linking example 😉 )
  4. Facebook – I hate Facebook with a passion as I believe that Facebook is nothing more than a bad habit. That said I do admit the groups are good because your content does reach the group members unlike shares to your timeline and Facebook pages
  5. The Others  We then also share to Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Digg, Klout, Tumblr, Scoop.It, Instapaper, Storify amongst others. These social shares are sites we never really visit. They are just social signals, social backlinks if you like.

All of the above will do the job for you and get you indexed a lot faster than you normally would, probably in a day or so. And it takes around 5 mins. But you want to  get Google to index your site fast. So let’s take it to the next level.

How to get Google to index your site fast

3/ Social Blogging

There are 3 Social Blogging sites that I recommend that you create short, cut-down posts of the articles you create. They are…

  1. Steemit –  Steemit is your secret weapon. Steemit indexes fast, not as fast as Google Plus but damn close. Just create a short, cut-down, a kind of blog social share if you like
  2. Do exactly the same on Medium
  3. And again on Quora.

4/ Pinging your pages

If you are a WordPress Blogger then this is something that you don’t have to worry about. If you are not using WP then make sure that you Ping your pages. A great ping service you can use is PingFarm. Alternatively, a quite Google search will bring up a big list of services you can use.

5/ Get Google to index your site – Let’s ramp up our social shares

ViralContentBee is just one of those sites that bloggers have to use if they want to be seen. Just share members content for credits that you apply to your posts for them to be shared. ViralContentBee is a community of bloggers all looking to get shared in exchange for sharing.

6/ Finally, Fetch and Render

Fetch and render is an option on the Google Webmaster Tools Search Console where you can request that your pages are indexed. This is something you should definitely do.

It is mentioned last and not right at the start of this article because I believe that everything prior to this will get the job done faster. Requesting puts you in a list. Going out and generating a buzz gets you noticed and jumps you up the list.

And that is how we do it on Infobunny

Hope this article helps you get indexed fast… My record is around 9mins. How do you get Google to index your site? Let me know, and if you have any questions then leave us a comment below.

Regards Dexter

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