Interested in writing for PAC (Power Affiliate Club) as a PAC Expert Author? Thar’s great!

Because we believe it will elevate your visual presence as a blogger on the internet.

And we know you want to be more visible, have MORE engagement, and rank higher in the search engines, right?

Here’s what being a PAC Expert Author offers:

  • Authority in your area of interest or “niche”
  • More visibility
  • An added experience to your resume
  • More exposure for your website
  • Grow more confident and improve writing skills
  • Part of a growing popular community
  • Credibility and respect as a PAC Expert Author
  • More contacts and instant friends
  • Get paid for writing for PAC
  • Be a mentor to others
  • Represent PAC

We are a community one that likes to promote its members as much as possible. We know being online is competitive – meaning there are many bloggers who want to be noticed, attract followers, monetize their websites, and have a high ranking.

We also know that many bloggers like to be noticed and accepted as writers on other more notable websites like Huffington Post, for example,right? Well we’re not that, but we ARE an opening, a starting point for bloggers to write for a community such as ours and build an online/offline reputation.

Here’s some feedback from our writers:

Writing for PAC and getting PAID has been a huge advantage. First of all, I can put that money back into my blog and help with the upkeep expenses. Secondly, the reward of getting paid for something that I love is an incredible feeling. After blogging for free, for months, it can get quite discouraging. But knowing that writing here will help others through what I write and help me financially?!??, I call that a win:win!

PAC Expert Author, Johanna Galyen


“I became a PAC member sometimes in 2014. PAC grew into a family like, supportive community with a lot of opportunities for bloggers. It’s a privilege to be an Expert Author for PAC. Not only that it helped me to position myself as an expert blogger and build my authority and credibility, but at the same time I get paid for doing so.

The top 7 reasons why I recommend PAC to any blogger are:
1. Grow your visitors and customers.
2. Get more comments and engagement.
3. Get higher ranking on Alexa.
4. Build your authority and credibility.
5. Connect with professional bloggers.
6. Get Paid.
7. Grow your blogging skills.”

PAC Expert Author Emi Koul

“The icing on the cake is that you can get paid for being an “Expert Author” on PAC. You can actually tell people you are a paid freelance writer.
Any writer needs to write every day and for different reasons and topics. The more you write, the more your writing is seen by many others and there’s no reason why your freelance writing career can include more and more blogs to write for.

There is also a bit of prestige when you’re asked to write for another blog, aside from your own. “

PAC Expert Author, Monna Ellithorpe

It’s a great opportunity! So. How does this work?
And how would you get paid.

First, it’s important to understand and accept that PAC is an effort based community. Meaning, the more effort you put into the community, the more you get back – give and receive. You have to do this anyway having a blog online and if you participate in our community activities you’ll experience the magic of this.

We require our PAC Expert Authors to contribute to the community blog by writing ONE post per month. Yes, you can write more if so inspired. All your posts are reviewed and only published by the blog editor.  On acceptance as a PAC Expert Author, you’ll be added to the Facebook PAC Expert Authors Group which has writing guidelines for the community blog.

As a PAC Expert Author you’re accepted into the “Authors Pay Pool” where you’re paid for your writing contributions. Posting for two consecutive months is required. If you skip a month
you don’t get paid.

The current pay is $20.00 (us dollars). The more authors we have contributing the pay rate can increase.

Becoming a PAC Patron  by donating $10.00/month  is required to participate. It’s members helping members through their writing contributions. And writers keep the community blog alive and well.

There are bloggers who pay $100.00 a month to guest blog! PAC recognizes the efforts of writers and gives back to them.

What to do now?

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. If your writing (content on your blog) is accepted … (we will review it and contact you)
  3. Become a PAC Patron

We appreciate your interest and look forward to you joining us.

Thank you

Lesly Federici
CEO/Power Affiliate Club


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