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SEO is something that I really work on when I post an article because it really is something that I can control when it comes to getting good search results.

Everything else takes you a long, long time to achieve. The everything else being, real quality backlinks and TrustRank. Quality backlinks only come organically over time as a result of posting great content and this only happens when you are found. And Google only then Trusts you once you have some kind of track record of doing it right.

So in this article, I really wanted just to help motivate you and to show that you can get good search results.

How to get SEO results the Infobunny way

I recently posted an article about how Facebook is starting to lose members.

I structured the article as I always do, implemented Htags, added and named images. Set up the internal linking and I implemented the most important step to help me get seen and that is to link out to authority sites. I have said it before on my TrustRank article, SEO only gets you so far, what makes the difference is if Google trusts you. And I think that we are starting seeing some trust develop between Infobunny and Google.

Check out the screen capture below showing the desktop search results for “Facebook losing members” (Incognito Browser)

As you can see my article comes in at no 5. All the sites above have Alexa ratings from as low as 200 to 2000 or so. These are sites with a ton of traffic and then Infobunny is at around 800k.
How to get SEO results - infobunny desktop results

Let’s compare the above results with those of the mobile version in the screen capture below. Same keyword phrase.

Again the Infobunny article comes in at no 5. But what is interesting is that the Top 4 are all AMP pages.

How to get SEO results - infobunny MOBILE RESULTS

Accelerated Mobile Pages are an open source initiative designed to improve web page speed and performance for mobile users. And as you can see Google likes them. AMP is still very much its infancy with only 900k sites having implemented them into their mobile versions. They work by stripping down the content that they show so that the pages load very fast. Uptake by bloggers is extremely slow because the vast majority of themes don’t yet support AMP and because until recently AMP pages stripped out 3rd party advertisement. However, Google now seems to be supporting Adsense ads for AMP

How to get SEO results – Takeaways

So what can you take away from this article? Well, it shows that page one results are very possible and to achieve them you must:

  • Create quality content
  • Implement on page SEO
  • Be consistent
  • Get very social
  • Be patient

And above anything else, if you want to get SEO results then link out to authority to qualify what you say and continue the flow of information.

Pac and InfoBunny would be great sites to link out to.

Is AMP required? Well, it is not clearly not going to harm your results but until it has a much broader uptake it is not needed.


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.ads in wordpress

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