Got Content Constipation?

Oh man, I feel your pain! You need to write a blog post and you’re cringing at the thought of doing it. I get it.

Before you grab the Advil, take a deep breath and let’s discuss this so you can close out of this post with a big smile, sound good?

If you have a blog, writing an article is not on the top “Ten” of favorite things to do and yet, what do we ALL do on the internet – we read. Sure, it’s alright to read other people’s stuff, that’s easy. But writing your own content?

If you were interested in film making you’d be sweating over making a film, right? It’s just the medium the Internet depends on – the written word. Yes, video as well, but mostly text.

So the hang-up about writing for your blog (if you don’t have one, please get one) is really about you and your insecurities about writing and thinking something like this –  what do I write about? Yes? No?

I hated writing in college. And, it wasn’t until I came online that I became a better writer. Why? Because,  good writing is one skill that can enhance the popularity of your blog.

So let’s look at what “Quality Content” is first. And, then we’ll explore a few other “Content Terms” you may have come across on the internet that can be confusing.

What is Quality Content? To me, it’s the way an article is executed or presented:

  • Does the previous sentence or paragraph flow nicely into the next?
  • Does the article stay on topic? Or does it become confusing because the article is about apples and all of a sudden it switches to frogs.
  • Spelling! That’s why we have “spell check”. And it can be tricky (they’re, their, there, your, you’re) etc.)
  • Granted, you’re not writing a Thesis, and there’s some argument about the “style” of writing on the internet. Is it “stuffy” or “relaxed”. But proper punctuation is always good and impressive.
  • Any “Run-on sentences”? These are sentences that you can actually break into two because they go on, and on, and can be confusing to the reader because they’re like the “Energizer Bunny” … going on and on and on …

These are some of the basics. Now, let’s explore some “Content terms” and their definitions.

 Affinity Content

What is it? According to Copyblogger:

Affinity content is content that attracts people who have the same values and beliefs as you. This content shares your beliefs, so people with similar beliefs feel like they belong in your community.

 Attraction Content:

What is it? Copyblogger says:

Attraction content is freely available on the web for social sharing and for search engines to index. Your goal for this content is for people to consume it and spread it.

It’s a traffic generator

 Authority Content:

Again, from Copyblogger:

It really boils down to the demonstration of expertise through delivery of valuable content as opposed to claiming expertise or saying, “We’re number one.”

It’s the difference between marketing messages and content that actually creates the experience of authority. This is an important distinction that can be summed up with the short phrase: “Show, don’t tell.”

 Structured Content:

Content Marketing Institute defines it as:

What makes content structured?

  1. Widely recurring content types having the same set of elements or attributes – for example, every article starting with an introduction and ending with a conclusion
  1. Consistent application of metadata to those elements or attributes in a content management system

This is more about “drilling” down your content and how it can be “structured” to use somewhere else. One article can go a long way.

The one I like the best is “Personal Content”. This is the stuff that rolls out from your heart: Your passion, mission in life, purpose, interests, and so on.


Content Marketing


And this is probably the one that has you reaching for Advil. There are many, many ways to stimulate your brain to write a blog post. But here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Write about what you KNOW! So many new bloggers think they have to write about internet related topics – SEO, how to use Twitter. DON’T. People can smell someone that doesn’t know much about the topic.
  2. Use a thesaurus to say the same thing but with different words. Avoid being redundant.
  3. Learn about repurposing your content
  4. Empower your readers. Give them something they’ll remember
  5. Don’t be something you’re not. Be you. Write as if you were talking to a friend.

Content ideas are everywhere. Use what interests you FIRST as a guide then cruise the internet, books you have. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe someone said something to you, or you read something that triggered an idea.

Be open, avoid letting fear of not being good enough to write a compelling article get in the way. No one can voice opinions, ideas, and perspectives about life like you.

Then decide what content category it falls into. Have fun with this!

What do you think? Comment below …

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