How do I grow traffic to my site? – Shortcuts

How to Grow Traffic

One of the biggest if not the biggest conundrums a blogger has is to discover the answer to the question “how do  I grow traffic to my site?”.

Your articles can be stunningly good but if you don’t know how to get people to visit your site on a daily basis then your pretty much wasting your time and money. I’m not going to get all technical in this article and ask you to follow a steep learning curve instead I just want to offer you some very basic ideas that you may or may not have thought of employing to generate organic traffic. Your going to find out some simple methods to grow traffic to your site while implementing some shortcuts to creating great content

To be seen you have to be found

To be found you must get Google to like what you do so that Google trusts your site and you must learn to promote your content.

Google is all about the end users experience. They want to give you the most relevant answers to searches you make. So in order to be found your content must answer any relevant searches. We are basically talking about keyword research here. Now I could go into a great long explanation of what keyword research is but I’m keeping this real simple. We need to provide answers to questions so let’s give you a working example in this article that really takes no great how to do keyword research knowledge.

Whats your article about?

Well in this article we want to help visitors understand how they can build traffic to their site. So ask the question. Google How do I grow traffic to my site. And what do you get? you get answers to the question. But you really get more than that you also get related questions suggested by Google and you get articles that are relevant that you can use as a source to qualify what you’re saying.

So when I search “How do I grow traffic to my site?” I am also shown searches related to my search, popular searches that may answer my search inquiry.

  • how to increase website traffic for free 
  • how to generate traffic to your website 
  • get traffic to your website free
  • increase website traffic fast
  • how to get traffic to your website fast
  • how to increase website traffic through google
  • increase website traffic software
  • instant website traffic

These related searches are basically keyword phrases that are popular. Google is giving us keywords and keyword phrases we can use within our article. Now ok these phrases are not low hanging fruit, meaning that they may not be easy to rank for but they do give you an opportunity to make fast content related to what people are looking for by implementing them into what you are writing about.

how do  I grow traffic to my site?

Basic On-Page SEO

Don’t be scared of on-page SEO. It is not really that complicated. It is really just about formatting the text and images so that you tell Google what it is looking at and the importance of what it is looking at. With images, you simply name them and add in alt text and descriptions so that when you hover over an image you can see the description you have added. You can take that a step further and add hashtags to your descriptions so that when an image gets pinned to Pinterest the tags go across and your image is categorized automatically.

With regards to the article itself, you simply give weight to your headlines. The article title will probably be a H1 tag by default, making it the most important phrase in the article. Check out the title I used and how it relates to the question


Check out the title I used in this article and how it relates to the question I searched earlier on Google.

Next, put some weight behind subtitles by adding h2 tags and then you can bold some keywords that you want to stand out and add Italics if required.

It really is about making what you present look good on the page and telling Google what is important on the page.

Social Media

Promote yourself. You have to share what you create on all your social channels, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest where ever you have a presence share your content to your followers. Add a good share button plugin to your site and give visitors the option to share for you. Leverage your following. You can encourage Tweets by making sections of your articles into clickable Tweets for ease of sharing Tweet This is a very good free option. This will be a very good strategy when Tweets move up from 140 characters to 280

Make sure that you follow up on any engagement you receive, grow relationships and your connections.

How do I grow traffic to my site? – Takeaways

Follow these basics above and you will really increase your website traffic fast. This is how you grow traffic to your site in the quickest possible way


Dexter Roona

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