The Holidays Should Focus On Gratitude

The Holidays Are Here Once Again

The holidays are a time to reconnect to the really important things in life. The holidays have a way of having us reminisce about holidays past.

If the holidays include you shopping for gifts for others, then you are thinking of ways to make the recipients happy. You want to make sure they know that you appreciate them and what they do for you all throughout the year.

Lessons From Holidays Past

I have noticed that as we mature, we look upon the holidays much differently than when we were children. As an only child, I mostly thought about myself and what I wanted for Christmas. In our family, children made lists of what they were hoping to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

We had traditions and prayers and we went to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It was a sacred time of year. I wasn’t raised with Santa Clause, but the Christian version of Christmas.

Now that I am an adult, I see and recognize so many holidays in December that are celebrated by many cultures around the world. What I now see is that we, as humanity, have so many more things in common than we do differences.

What I have discovered is that during the holidays, we all tend to focus on Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, and Gratitude for our Blessings.

Image: Woman sitting on water's edge contemplating the important things in life. Holidays.

Gratitude Can Be A

If you look up the word “gratitude,” you will find that it means readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. For me, feeling grateful is very humbling experience.

Did you know that being grateful, having an attitude of gratitude, is a healthy thing? Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, studied the effects of gratitude on physical health, on psychological well-being, and how it affects our relationships with others. This study went on for more than a decade.

He concluded the following benefits for those actively utilizing gratitude in their lives:

  • lower blood pressure
  • stronger immune systems
  • people were more alert, alive, and awake
  • experienced more joy and pleasure
  • more forgiving and outgoing
  • they feel less lonely and isolated

There were many more benefits and blessings as well! Do you think these benefits might help you in business and your personal relationships? Absolutely!

Using Our Genuine Feelings of Gratitude To Grow Our Brand And Our Business During The Holidays

As an authentic and trustworthy online business or blogger, have you thought of various ways to both thank your loyal followers and customers as well as gain new leads and business?

Back to Robert Emmons again — I would like to quote from his essay, “Why Gratitude Is Good.” He says, “…when we’re grateful, we give credit to other people for our success. We accomplished some of it ourselves, yes, but we widen our range of attribution…” He also says that gratitude is a “social emotion.” It’s not about just us.

So, how can we use our genuine feelings of gratitude to grow our business during the holidays?

  • Show appreciation for the loyal customers and followers who like your brand. Like their posts (unless you truly disagree with a post, liking a post or adding a smiley face, thumbs-up, or heart takes very little effort). Show support, appreciation, and that you notice them beyond the sale.
  • Take out social ads by targeting a specific audience and utilizing best practices for social media marketing, you will find that you will get more engagement and amplify your reach when you spend a bit of your budget on sending a message of thanks. Gratitude is also a great way to introduce your brand to new people. Who doesn’t want to buy from someone that appreciates your business and hard-earned dollars?
  • Tagging.  – With tagging, you can be very specific when being grateful. For instance, if you want to send specific people or organizations your thanks, you can tag them in your gratitude posts on social media that relate specifically to them. Put some thought into this. Don’t just tag a bunch of random people in a generic or form-letter type post. Create a unique and specific message that will be a heartfelt thank you. Then, sit back and watch how they respond back!
  • Promotions. Why not create special social media contests? Have a sale and have a giveaway to the top customer who purchases the most. Maybe give away something to the customer that writes the best essay on “Why I Love __________ (put your company name or website in the blank). Today, we always encourage to shop local and shop small businesses. So unless you are a large company, create a local customer discount sale, or buy 3 and get the 4th one free? People love special promotions and to see that they are appreciated and recognized.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Before Creating Your Gratitude Campaign

If you want to genuinely be grateful and connect with your social media followers and customers during the holidays, you might want to reallign yourself with what it truly means to be grateful first.

Robert Emmons stated that, “…despite the fact that I’ve been studying gratitude for 11 years and know all about it, I still find that I have to put a lot of conscious effort into practicing gratitude. In fact, my wife says, ‘How is it that you’re supposed to be this huge expert on gratitude? You’re the least grateful person I know!’ Well, she has a point because it’s easy to lapse into the negativity mindset.”

Having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t come naturally to most of us. You have to cultivate it. You have to focus on it.

Here’s what PAC Member Donna Merrill of Donna Merrill’s Tribe has to say about gratitude:

I hope this post inspired you to create your own special Gratitude Campaign during the holidays. Actually, as Donna pointed out in her video, gratitude is something we should learn to incorporate into each day all year long.

Have you got some great ideas that you’ve used to show gratitude during the holidays on social media? Please, share in the comments below so we can keep the spirit of gratitude going! Then, please like and share with your friends.

Deborah A. Ten Brink

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