Honoring The Best Of You In Spite Of Challenges

To create your life, may I ask you a life question?

You’re on a desert island with a young person that you love.  You only had one chance at telling them the most important thing in life. What one piece of advice about life would  you tell them?

This advice would be the way that YOU see -what’s  import in your  life. We are all changed by our life’s challenges, this is true. Our lives evolve, from the time we are infants to children to adults.

We all change as a result of our private life experiences. Some are bad experiences with situations or people. Some are good experiences that we treasure. We have all lost jobs and experienced that type of pain. There are others…

What we all will experience sometime in our lives is a  loss of  a relationship.  People change and situations change. This will shape our approach to future relationships. Some will close up and be distrustful of others. Inwardly fearful of being hurt again. Some may take it as a lesson in life and move on and do it better  the next time, trusting that the next relationship can be wonderful.

Some people in life know exactly what they want to do in life. Others, not so much. Think of people you may know who fulfilled a wish to be in some profession as a child and went on to be famous at whatever it was that they chose to do.  Many live in a world of setting goals, are decisive and are achieving life’s milestones.

Then there are people like me and the author of the Tex Talk below. Most  of the world, who just don’t know what’s coming next down the road.  Here is an excellent example how to create your life for people who are in uncertainty and in transition by Victoria Labalme. Her Tedx Talk

Here is an excellent example how to create your life for people who are in uncertainty and in transition by Victoria Labalme. Her Tedx Talk

Victoria’s website http://www.victorialabalme.com/

However, it might be when we experience a major health scare that affects our lives. This can be  people who are close to us  or even our own health problems – perhaps with time in the hospital. We experience the great importance of being healthy, particularly as we get older. We  face our own mortality.  A great example of this would Scott Hamilton the Olympic figure skater.

He has inspired thousands with his motivational speaking engagements and  he has pushed for cancer research, education and survivorship with this Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.

With his latest diagnosis looming,  Scott is still making a positive impact:

Earlier this year, he received a brain tumor diagnosis for what will be the third time. The diagnosis — a benign pituitary tumor — comes after Hamilton, who is 58,  has overcame testicular cancer in 1997 and battled two previous brain tumors in 2004 and 2010.

“The first thing I teach skaters at my skating academy is how to get up — because we’re going to fall,” Hamilton says. “And that’s how I live my life: I’m going to fall down, I’m going to make mistakes, I’m going to do all kinds of things that I’m going to wish didn’t happen. But it’s what’s next — it’s how you get up … The more times you get up, the stronger you are to face the next thing, which will happen — because that’s life.” 

-Scott Hamilton  Researched from bcnewyork.com

How powerful is that?

How do you manage? How do you thrive? How do you find your own way?

You trust your inner self. Make a choice that is right for you. What if you don’t know?

Fame and recognition does not seem so important when you are facing a health issue.  Entrepreneurs and artists  trusted that idea they felt in their inner selves. ” I want to do that !” Little by little it emerges, bit by bit they accomplish their vision.

Don’t set goals for what you want  -but ask yourself  “What interests you now?”

Go for it, do it now,  and don’t wait for someday. Create your life now.

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PS. Please don’t hesitate to tell us your answer to  the life question  in the  comments, if you like. Mine is that the most important thing in life – is love.


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