How a New Blogger Can Become Irresistable

Thinking and No Doing

Irresistible? If you’re a new blogger reading this, you’re scratching your head thinking  – HOW could I possibly become a great blogger when I don’t know anything …

Let’s see if we can’t change your perception of your current blogging skills (which may be little to none) to one of capability in becoming a great blogger.

Blogging “Greatness” is a subjective state of mind and a phenomena determined by levels of internet popularity.

It takes time! If your thinking about it too much it will keep you from getting started – cut that out! However the journey to become a really good blogger requires regular commitment which can lead you to be outstanding.

The Basics Before The Blogging Basics

  • Be Curious to learn and be self-reliant. This means don’t be afraid of finding out what you need to know! Don’t be a knowledge wallflower. Get out there online and investigate! Look at different blogs – you can learn a lot from them and get ideas.
  • Writing better than what you do currently becomes a skill that’s developed. Two very easy tools to use regularly is a dictionary and a thesaurus. This is how you BUILD your vocabulary by learning different words, not repeating yourself in what you write. In fact, learning new words can elevate your writing and can be the key to your writing being boring or exciting. Here’s an example in this sentence: He had an interesting life verses – He had an interesting yet succulent life. What comes to mind?
  • Accept the #1 way to communicate online is through writing. Most of us learned how to write at a very young age – in school. Maybe we grew up hating it. But thank goodness most of us know how to write a letter, a recipe, song lyrics, poems, love letters, reports for work … what ever it is, you’re using words to communicate an idea, a fact, a story, etc. So what’s the problem about writing?
  • Blogging is a confidence builder. How so? Because right now you feel inadequate, you don’t know what to write about, you FEAR being judged by others, and WHY would anyone want to read what you have to say? Right? What is that ….  low self-esteem of not believing in yourself. But, I bet you’ve experienced extraordinary events in your life that others could learn from. And these experiences you’ve had generate inner strength and a life story NO ONE else will ever experience except … through your words.
  • Observe how words are used by different writers and the TONE of the article. There are many STYLES of writing: reports, stories, poems, research.
  • NO ONE views the world like you! NO ONE can BE YOU! You are already unique and have unique insights to share with millions of people.
  • There is an audience for everyone. If someone doesn’t like you blog – so what! Someone else will. So let go of the judgement.

So, in other-words, the message here is to tap into your own strengths, abilities, and believe that yes, you CAN become a great blogger. Start with moving past your barriers to doing it, your fears, your self judgement, all this will build your confidence. Then just START writing and at first about anything. More posts will come to help you with the next hurdle – content.

Now get busy and move beyond your fears. Then we can move on to content ideas and more … stay tuned – PAC is here to help.

PS: Let me know what you think in a comment below …



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