How Do You Build Traffic With Quora

So I introduced you to the “Questions and Answers” Site Quora in my last Pac post where I gave you some insights on how you can build authority and reputation and at the same time make some money with their new partner program.

You can read that article here

What is the Quora Partner Program?

In this article, I will be giving you some updates along on how I am doing with the Partner Program along with some great methods to build traffic with Quora.

There are 3 reasons why you absolutely should join Quora and use it and I say that with no affiliation with the site (I wish ;-))

1. Improve Authority and Reputation

We already know that with Google E-A-T (Medic) algorithm update that your reputation as a blogger and authority counts.

This was all highlighted by Pac Member Haxel Jarrett over on her blog SEO+

You can read what Hazel had to say here

Your essential guide to the Google E-A-T algorithm update (The Medic update)

Asking questions and giving answers is a great way to build authority and reputation.

Quora is highly regarded by Google because the questions added get real quality valuable answers and it is the answers that qualify the content as great authoritative content.

Quora questions are often seen ranking on page one because they answer the search users intent and that is exactly what Google wants your content to do.

2. Build Traffic with Quora

Let me share with you a graph of my site Infobunny’s Alexa Rank

Infobunny Alexa Rank

Infobunny Alexa Rank – October 2018




As you can see, Quora has really helped me ramp up my traffic.

3. The Quora Partner Program

Reasons 1 and 2 are reason enough for you to use Quora but when you also mix in their Partner Program then it becomes madness not to adopt Quora.

The QuoraPartner Program is simple you are paid against the advertising views that the questions you share on Quora receive.

So you can earn from views within Quora but what is more important and more profitable is you also earn from views outside of Quora and this is big news because Quora content is extremely SEO friendly.

So if you can create a question that ranks you can get paid against its ad revenue for a year after is creation.

Getting Paid

To join the Quora Partner Program you need to be invited by Quora and to get invited all you have to do is join the site and add questions and to, more importantly, do what you should already do to build your reputation and authority and that is to add quality answers.

Once you are accepted into the program the questions that you add from there on in qualify for revenues.

I have been in the program for about a month now and have already had my first payment £32.12 that’s current;y around $42 if you are in America (payments are the 1st of every month)

How to build traffic with Quora - Earnings - Payment Proof
And here is a screenshot of my current earnings.

I am currently looking at £130 for my next payment, that is $170 in Us Dollars just for building traffic and growing my reputation and authority.

How to build traffic with Quora - Earnings

My earnings

Currently, the majority of my earnings are coming from one question and that one question was written to promote my article How To Add Clickable Links on Instagram

This article is now quite old but is still getting a lot of search traffic.

The screen capture below shows the search results for “Clickable links on Instagram” and as you can see my article ranks for this phrase but what is also interesting is that so does the Quora question.

How to build traffic with Quora - search results

What is even more interesting is that Google then also shows a list of other related questions that may also cover the search intent.

In other words, Google likes this content.

So would you be surprised to know that I also have questions on Quora that also cover the search intent for these related questions?

My, How do I add clickable links on Instagram posts? Quora Question currently has 74 answers.

Is followed by 175 Quora members.

Almost 900k views and over 23k Ad Impressions.

This equates to a question that in less than a month has earnings of £96 ($125) and potentially could be a question that earns over $1000 for the year and I can say this because all of the traffic is from Google.

How to build traffic with Quora –  Quick Tips

1. Ask questions related to search users intent.

In other words, write questions around the related searches and people also ask questions that you find on Google search.

These are terms and phrases that Google deems important enough to show and so we know they get search traffic.

2. Answer Questions

Just like with blog commenting you need to really take your time answering questions fully.

Link to good sources and also incorporate one of your own site links for click-through traffic. You can also link into your own related questions which is good for internal linking to your own content.

When your content is valuable your receive upvotes and this helps you get seen by more people and so your traffic can snowball.

And remember your answers appear on ranking questions.

3. Optimize your questions

Quora is very SEO friendly so make sure your questions have your keyword phrase well positioned. This also translates into the URL.

And to further emphasize what the question is about you can be the first person to answer the question.

This pushes your keyword and related phrases into the start of the content to further help your rankings.

4. Social share

Quora questions are indexed and ranked so it makes perfect sense to share and promote them.

How to build traffic with Quora

How do you build traffic with Quora – Takeaways

Forget the money side of Quora for a second. Quora should be used just to build your traffic and reputation.

Those are reasons enough to use Quora.

If you add in the Partner Program you have something that vastly outperforms revenue streams such as Adsense of Paid Traffic sites.

You really do have a huge opportunity here to build traffic with Quora. And at the same boost your reputation and authority and make some money on the side.

That is all for now!

Do you use Quora?

Have you been invited to the Quora Partner Program?

Let me know in the comments section below if you would like to get involved with the Partner Program.

Be sure to subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when I reply

Regards Dexter

See you on Quora

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