How Hard Will You Work To Publish Your First Book?

How Hard Will You Work To Publish Your First Book?

Never before have we had the kinds of opportunities right in front of us. We can become anything in this world that we dream of being “IF” we are willing to work for it.

You want to be a published author; we have KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). KDP also publishes paperbacks now as POD (print on demand) in addition to Kindle versions. As mentioned in another post:  Amazon CreateSpace Publishing is Closing – Now What? 

CreateSpace will soon be just a memory.  If you have any books still sitting over at CreateSpace, take the initiative and move your books yourself. 

How Hard Will You Work To Publish Your First Book

I Should Write A Book

Over the years how many times have you said, “I should write a book?” but then you come up with excuse after excuse as to why you haven’t written your life story, a mystery novel or a book of poems. 

It is true that a few years ago, it took many months or even years to get accepted by a publishing house, write and rewrite your manuscript according to their specifications and finally and “IF” you get to the point of publishing it probably wasn’t what you had in mind or it sat unsold on a bookstore shelf for who knows how long. 

That’s a lot of time, effort and possible rejection to deal with and most, not all, but most would give up on their dreams of becoming a published writer. 

Get Out Of Your Own Way and Take Action

There is no need for any of the fear of rejection any longer. Of course you still want to put out your best work when you are self-publishing a book but it is possible now for anyone to write and publish a book. 

I am proof! I had a dream of writing most of my life and I am now a published author.

When I first entertained the idea of writing online in any way, I gave myself every excuse in the book. Either I would start something and not finish it or I had a long list of ideas that never went anywhere. 


I didn’t think my writing was good enough.  Who would want to read what I write?  The negative vibes were taking over.  Nothing can be more self-defeating than letting the negative creep in.

How about you? Does any of this ring familiar to you? I thought it might.

No Time Like The Present

So, the best advice I can give you or anyone else facing the decision of whether to follow their dream or not, is to “Go For It.” 

Get a blank journal (see my blank journals on Amazon) and start writing. Don’t see one you like? Ask me about creating one “Just” for you.

You will take your writing career in YOUR direction, the way you want to write and publish where you want to publish. 

Other ideas for writing could be writing down part of a dream you had last night that you can use to start writing a novel. Maybe you want to write reviews on items you have used or just your opinion on a topic.

Remember, you are your own worst critic and only you can live your dream by taking action. 

Thank you in advance for sharing.






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