How PAC Can Inspire Others

PAC is full of surprises!

What I mean by this is every now and then a member will go the “extra mile” to take advantage of some of the opportunities PAC has to offer. I am always amazed and humbled when this happens. It tells me and confirms we’re on the right path and what we have to offer is valuable.

In December (2015) we offered a Holiday contest on Facebook open to PAC members and anyone who wanted to participate for the prize of becoming an Expert Author for PAC. It didn’t matter the level of blogging experience just that they had a blog.

Participants were required to reach out and “tag” 50 people on Facebook commenting on and sharing posts. The first person to do this over a weeks time would win the title and the experience of actually writing for our PAC Blog.

There wasn’t a lot of positive feedback about this contest – lack of response, debate over the requirement to win. But, PAC is a “effort” based community. The MORE a member participates, the MORE results they can experience.  It was a measure to see if there were members who wanted to write on the PAC blog and give an opportunity to do so.

One person took on the challenge. Every day she replied to comments and tagged Facebook members and at the end of a week, tagged 50 people.

She won and was awarded the opportunity to be a PAC Expert Author. Alicia Osmera is very new to blogging and the online lifestyle – shall we say. But she had desire. And, I wanted to know how determined she was so be a PAC Expert Author.

So I gave her an assignment.

Post quality is important to PAC because one of PAC’s missions is to provide content that is interesting, and valuable to readers..

Here is PAC’s Mission statement:


PAC (Power Affiliate Club) provides opportunities to new and seasoned bloggers that enhance skills in self-branding, marketing, content creation, and promotion. Our mission through an effort based community is to offer struggling bloggers a free and affordable solution, an experience that will increase their presence on the internet with instant traffic, friends, and engagement.  PAC – powered by bloggers, member driven.

For a new blogger, there’s a lot of confusion over blogging platforms and many just don’t understand the pro’s and con’s of free verses owning your own blog and what that entails.

Alicia’s assignment was to write an article on just that – the difference between and I also wanted to see  …

  • Her writing skills
  • How she presented the topic
  • Did she “ramble” (hop from one topic to another)
  • Did she stay on topic
  • Was the article boring or did it have some “zip” to it – he own flavor or personality
  • How was the grammar
  • Was it informative and useful for readers

I was pleasantly surprised. I received a solid article with information about WordPress that needed help grammatically, and more explanations of terms used. She stayed on topic and offered suggestions to the reader.

Here’s what I believe. We all start somewhere and if we, PAC can create opportunities for new bloggers to improve their writing skills, it will enhance their confidence to create more content for their blogs and increase their visibility online. PAC is also a learning platform for those that want to take advantage of it.

Here’s what Alicia has to say.

Question 1: What does PAC mean to you?

“The PAC community is a unique opportunity to meet other writers, gather information, gain more experience with writing and having support from others that have been through the startup pains.”

Question 2: Why do you want to be a PAC Expert Author?

“I want to be a PAC author because it makes me a better writer and I feel that I am contributing more to the PAC community.”


Thank you Alicia, and welcome … and we’ll be doing contests like this again, so keep a look out – you could be our next PAC Expert Author!

Lesly Federici

Learn more about me on my PAC Member Page

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