How to Become An Author or Writer

How to Become An Author or Writer

How to Become An Author or Writer

I’ve been online for quite a few years now and most of what I’ve learned and have done in the past has been with some MLMs and affiliate marketing but that’s in the past.

It goes with the territory that making money online covers a whole lot of niches and each depends on the other to work.

Hopefully, you may already know that I’m a writer, and it took me a while to realize I can actually call myself a writer. Yes, I can actually tell people. “I am a writer, a published author.”

It helps to actually believe in yourself and what you do. You’re good at what you do and you love doing it and it will show.

 Where Do I Go From Here?

Once this came to light, then I was faced with the question of, “How do I get the word out to the people about my writing?” All I knew how to do was market to the “making money audience.”

If you write, you need to learn marketing. If you have a make money blog, you need to learn marketing. If you have a foodie blog, you need to learn marketing. If you are a crafter with a blog, you need to learn marketing.

Over and over, I kept running into roadblocks. I sold some books here and there but nothing like some of the other authors were doing. What was I doing wrong?

I want to write and sell my books and make a living doing that but in order to do that, I have to make a shift in my focal point and associate myself with writers, readers and those who have the same drive, the “need to write” and focus on writing as I do.

Finding People With Different Interests 

I started following and watching writers to see what they were doing. I’m sure you’ve heard the advice given many times, “Find someone who is a success and repeat their steps.”

Day by day, it finally dawned on me like a sunrise or maybe better described as a 2×4 up-side the head.

These writers and authors were finding their target audience and while you can’t make everyone like your work, you can find those who are interested in your niche and then you are advertising and promoting to the “right” target audience.

I was doing all I had learned but I was reaching the wrong audience. While internet marketers, of course, have to read books to learn and some even write books, there are so very many niches and interests but not everyone will be interested in the same niche or even care about what you do. Don’t take it personally.

My suggestions are related to the writing niche but you can apply the ideas to any niche you are in.

But keep in mind, if you are writing a mystery novel or creating the next Huffington Post or you have an awesome new food blog until you find the right audience, your online life is going to be frustrating.

Tips to Help You Find Your Target Market 

  1. 1. Find a forum or a group of writers that you can relate to and build a relationship with those who have the same interest as you do. A writer who doesn’t seek out other writers or authors is going to be going nowhere.
    2. Writer Blogs. Start visiting and reading blogs that have been created and are maintained by writers that give valuable content that you need to take in. You don’t have to follow everyone. Find some that you are drawn to each day and love to read rather than feeling like you “have” to read every blog.
    3. Assess your business and your blog and make a new plan for the current and upcoming year. It doesn’t hurt to provide some marketing information to your readers because you will have to learn how to market your work and so will those who follow you.

Let’s take, for example, James Patterson.  When you look at his site, it’s an author site about his books, his future book release dates, where you can connect with him on social media and his background.

You don’t see any sections on marketing or how to market on his site. It’s done in such a subtle way that the news gets out to those who love to read his books. Of course, James Patterson is pretty much a name you will see or hear almost every day.

PAC Shop

Look at J.K. Rowling’s site.  We all know she created Harry Potter and her site is all about writing, about her life and how she got started with the Harry Potter series.

There is nothing else mixed in with it on her site. If you look closely, you will see what looks like some notes that she took as she worked on her ideas, characters, and plots for her books.

NOTE:  I’ve also learned something new about her; I didn’t know that she also writes under the pen name of Robert Galbraith to write crime fiction. I found that to be interesting.

And the grand finale, the top writer of all in his genre and that would be Stephen King as the two previous authors above, his site tells of his books written, future books to be released, his biography and other things that he is involved in such as movies, merchandise and there is also a message board.

He probably has people to monitor the blog for him. But wouldn’t you also like to think that maybe he pops in every now and then to make a few comments? Nowhere on his site do you find anything about marketing: “He doesn’t have to.”

Final Thoughts  

You will find many differing opinions about how to structure your blog. Some say you should never combine niches (i.e. writing and marketing; foodie blog and marketing, etc.). It seems this is pretty much a personal choice. It’s been done both ways.

While you still need to keep in touch with your marketing friends and associates, start reaching out to make contact with authors and writers that are both seasoned writers and newbie writers.

I would like to guide, motivate and inspire those would-be authors and writers who have the thought of writing a book somewhere and someday in the recesses of their minds.

If you have “EVER” had even the slightest inkling of wanting to be a writer and write a book, please follow along on this new path with me and let’s learn from each other.

Keep an eye out for Weekly Writing Prompt Tuesdays so you can practice writing and you should practice this every day.

Let’s make the year 2018 the greatest year ever. We’re already close to the end of the first quarter of this year, so don’t just talk about those dreams of writing; let’s “Do them.”

“Stop Thinking Of How Far Behind You Are and Start Looking At The Brand New Beginning You Will Have…”  






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