How To Avoid Negative Thoughts About Your Blogging Career

Are you looking for tips on how to avoid negative thoughts about your blogging career?

Do you feel like you want to stop blogging because of different reasons out of your control? If you’re thinking this, here is a list of actions you can take to avoid negative thoughts to rejuvenate yourself in blogging.

1.Never write with the intention of making money

Nowadays, more and more people are getting attracted to blogging. They think it’s an easy way to make money online. But, those who are in the blogging field for at least a year know the reality that it’s not a short cut route to make money. Unlike any other field, you need to do your hard work and have to be dedicated to it to make any progress in this highly competitive field.

If you think of money as the primary factor, you may not be able to succeed further after a certain period. The time you spend worrying too much about money, you also start thinking of stopping your blog. The best thing you can do at this time is to concentrate only on creating quality contents.

The more quality content on your blog, the better chances of success.  Eventually, you’ll reach a day where you can earn from your blog. Also, make sure that you keep on researching for better content ideas for the success of your blog,  and implementing strategies for generating more traffic to it.

2.Time is a big factor for the success

If you want to be successful in blogging, you need to have sufficient time. Don’t think that you need only time for writing the article or blog post. You need to find time for replying to comments. You should set a time for other activities like improving SEO and other such important things of your blog.

So, it is not just the time needed to write an article. Most people successful in blogging say that – if you don’t have time, never start blogging.  I totally agree with that argument. I can say that it is a truth from my experience.

What can you do if you don’t have much time to spend for your blog? You may not get sufficient time after your day time job. You might have parental responsibilities like looking after small children and hence less spare time. Are you facing any other similar situations like that?

Do you often think of abandoning your blog as you don’t have enough time? If you are thinking the same way, please continue reading to know what is the best thing you can do instead of leaving your blog forever…

Here, my suggestion is to continue your blogging activities in whatever little time you have instead of totally neglecting it. You might get more time in future when you can be more active and take the blog to the next level.


I am suggesting you not to abandon your blog because there are numerous other benefits you can have if you continue with your blogging journey. For example, if you are a student blogger and you blog about the subject you want to study, you are never wasting your time. So think twice and decide whether you can be able to get any more benefit from your blog before abandoning it. Hopefully, you may continue it and make it to the next level after some period.

3.How long can you earn from blogging?

How long can you earn money from your blog? Is it possible to make it a lifetime career when you can gain regular income from it? I know that you will be worried about this real fact about blogging too. But, remember this is not a worry for just one person like you. Even, the top bloggers around the world have the same feeling.

So, what can you do? The best way to tackle the situation is to start researching and find out a few other ways of making income online, or offline. For example, if you are good at graphic designing, you can try to have an income generating business running a graphic design firm.

You can have an eye on various other resources of getting money like freelance writing or any other field where you can make good progress. If you can get income from one more source other than blogging, you feel more secure and confident. In reality, no one is a hundred percent sure how long we can earn from blogging. So, start thinking about having a secondary source of income for your financial security.

How to avoid negative thoughts from your blogging journey

4.Blogging is a dull and boring job

Once you start blogging, you feel excited about it. You may dream about big things to happen too. You get the feeling that you are going to be popular or famous very soon. But, after a certain period, you may realise that blogging is a dull and boring thing to do in life. You get the feeling that no one is going to help you in anything, and you have to do many things all alone.

If you’re undergoing a similar situation, it is time to find some source of motivation to keep yourself going with more enthusiasm. Here, the best thing you can do is joining communities and get more active in it. PAC is one such community you can opt to join…

You can find other sources of inspiration with respect to the niche you have chosen for writing. I would say the ways of inspiration varies from one niche to another. A technology blogger may be interested in reviewing very recent gadgets while a travel blogger finds interest in a new tourist destination.

You can even think of changing your niche if that gives you more motivation to write. Even established bloggers like Neil Patel started a blog on nutrition that is an entirely different topic that he used to handle in his other blogs. I can say it is an individual choice to make changes in your approach if you are bored of certain aspects of blogging.

Bottom line

It can be a good idea for any blogger to have an analysis of what are the negative thoughts that pull you back from your blogging journey at times. If you can find yourself a solution for those negative attitudes or thoughts, you can be able to better yourself in the field of blogging.

To your success.

Reji Stephenson

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