How to Beat Blogging Frustrations Like – No One is Visiting My Site

How to Beat Blogging Frustrations

How to beat blogging frustrations like – no one’s visiting my site or leaving comments?

So. Got the blogging boo hoo’s? I totally understand and I’m about to enlighten you from personal experience. And my wish for you is to consider, reflect, and possibly implement my insights and suggestions. Ready?

Based on my observations from being online for over 20 years, I’ve noticed one major , common thread with anyone or company business online and it’s this: We are all highly focused on self-promotion. This is the #one source of frustration because you’re not getting, or enough of it, attention and engagement on your blog – and that is your main drive for blogging success online.

Why aren’t you getting the attention you want for your blog? There are several reasons.

There’s too many new and perhaps some seasoned bloggers thinking they can just set up a blog, write a few posts, and that’s enough to draw attention to it. I know of several bloggers who’ve complained about not having any traffic to their blogs (yet have not created a post in weeks) and wonder where is everyone? They are looking at other blogs and websites, not yours.

I’ve been guilty of this too, and then DUH –  it hit me. I wasn’t actively sharing my content, writing posts regularly, and maybe, just maybe, how I presented what I was writing about was the wrong strategy.

I was writing about me, not enough about helping others, not presenting my discussion in a usable way that readers would be emotionally touched by the article.  I can write about myself, but designed to enlighten.

Everything depends on your efforts and effort alone. Because the internet is so fast paced, you have to stay “alive” or noticeable online pretty much daily. It’s overwhelming I know. But any attention or traffic you generate totally, 100% depends on you and what you’re willing to commit to in building an audience.

So here are my insights and suggestions:

  1. Avoid taking your frustrating blogging experience personal.  It’s not other people causing your frustration, it’s you. There’s something you’re not doing. Maybe not maintaining your blog, not posting enough, not sharing, not writing for your readers. Your blog is an asset with the potential of many opportunities like monetizing it. Stop whining about  no one visiting your blog. Instead be proactive and take steps to change a “ghost town blog” to a vibrant one full of activity.
  2. Avoid expectations. If you expect people to respond, engage, leave comments on your blog, or behave a certain way – forget it. Close your blog. You can not expect or make anyone do what you want them to do. And THIS is important: People follow their own “North Star” not yours. If they gravitate to you for some reason, let them. Above all stay true to yourself. You don’t need to scream at your visitors with endless images of Ads trying to entice them.
  3. Avoid the internet hype and be your own person – go your own way. There’s lots of crap online which can seduce you into buying a product that has no real value. You’ll waste a lot of money, so get recommendations of who to learn from.
  4. Never worry about an audience. There’s an audience for everyone. Those that get to know you, share your vision, perspective, and like your blog – they will follow you.
  5. ALWAYS remember design and human behavior. Now days, attention spans are VERY short. Novels are long to read, but quick easy content is easier to digest. Have you noticed how some top blogs have less Ads, some have NO sidebars, and the article is all you see. Because they know how distracting a lot of “Stuff” on the sidebar can be. They may lose a readers attention because of it. So LESS is more.
  6. Avoid writing about topics you could care less about. A reader will pick this up and move the mouse elsewhere on the web. There are TONS of repetitive content on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) many with the same tips – this can be boring and readers will move on. If you have an opinion about SEO than write about that. SEO is changing and there’s more focus on “humanizing” the internet and answering questions that are searched for. So how can you teach someone to write human to human?
  7. Be patient and productive. Just keep blogging and follow a routine you design for yourself. Here’s a routine example: Post 1x/week. Share content.Reach out to people on social and make connections. Comment on OTHER blogs. Post on Monday. Sgare on Tuesday. Reach-out on Wednesday. Blog hop on Thursday. Rest on Friday or prepare for the next week. Keep it simple so you’re not overwhelmed. Schedules are flexible and can change to meet your needs. But nothing happens over night… patience.
  8. Never chase people to sign-up for anything. Make offers through emails or in a CTA (call to action) in a post. Remember this: People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold to especially if it’s NOT relevant to them.
  9. Love what you do. If this doesn’t come across to your readers … welll ..
  10. Learn the art of using words effectively. Emotion drives interest, buying, and desire to read more.
  11. Blogging is a never ending process. Grow with it.

Let’s review

Copy and paste this list for an instant reminder:

  1. Avoid taking your blogging experience personal
  2. Avoid expectations
  3. Avoid Internet hype – go your own way
  4. Never worry about an audience
  5. Always remember design and human behavior
  6. Avoid writing about topics you could care less about
  7. Be patient and productive
  8. Never chase people
  9. Love what you do
  10. Learn the art of using words to move a reader through emotion
  11. Bloffing is a never ending process. GROW with it

Blogging is a process. I tend to believe in a “Zen” way of blogging and marketing. I don’t push people. I stay away from the hype and put my faith in providing readers with valuable content. I am very much aware of “out of sight, out of mind” which is very real online.


The most important thing is to keep blogging, learn as you go, and never stop because momentum will crash and then it will be like starting all over again.

What say you? I’m interested in reading your feedback.

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