How to Do Content Curation for Your Blog the Right Way

Content “Curation” is a way of reproducing another author’s knowledgeable content on your blog, with a mention and a direct link back to the original content.

An example would be… “Creating and Curating content is a powerful way of establishing yourself in your industry, demonstrating your stance on important topics and setting the tone for your brand” by Zac

It also does much more, as you will see in this article. Good things for your blog like attracting more traffic to your blog, sharing links, better ratings on Google, credibility, and organization of information that your readers would like to read. Also create good will and relationships too!

What is Content Curation anyway?

See the video for more information …

Curate – “the act of finding, organizing, annotating (contextualizing) and sharing the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for a target market.” Glossary

Content curation  “As a rule,  content curation reproduces some of the original content and links to the full entry. Some content curation sites also provide original content, interpretation, and commentary.” by Margaret Rouse

People can build their blogs with their own original content, but also include relevant content from credible sites around the world. They are able to publish more frequently and with less effort.  The content that is produced attracts your target audience, builds your brand and creating relationships.


Google likes long form content

Google rewards comprehensive, authoritative, and in-depth long form content. One way to lighten your content writing load is by becoming a trusted curator. Instead of putting the burden on yourself to write the content, you can take advantage of the content others are creating (and you’re already reading) in your industry by sharing links, pointing your readers to third-party resources, and highlighting the smart things that others are saying.” Excellent articles by Amie Marse and Lisa Barone 

“Recently, Backlinko Analyzed one million Google search results to learn more about the best SEO practices today. To many marketers’ surprise, long form content consistently ranks higher in Google’s search results — significantly!”  by Brian Dean.  It used to be short form was popular but as you can see from these articles listed that the over 1000 word count is now the most popular.

This from  Yoast a  search optimization firm.” Yoast is currently considered the most comprehensive search engine optimization software available for WordPress users.” ~   “Did you know that blog posts that are over 1,000 words generate the highest search engine rankings? “ by Marieke van de Rakt, both researcher and project manager at Yoast.

So how do you write high-quality posts that would be of relevant interest to your target market? That’s where you can use content curation to help keep the interest of your target market on your blog.

“External links show a positive correlation between a page’s outgoing links and it’s search rankings  Outgoing links are good for SEO.” Interesting article about linking with anchor text.” By Cyrus Shepard – of Whiteboard Friday

The average word count of a Google result on the first page is 1,890.  Longer content performed better on Google every time. This is likely due to the fact that it generates more social shares than short form content and boosts your brand’s relevancy. Google ranks websites based on their levels of authority; long form content helps establish your sphere of influence. Key Takeaway: Writing comprehensive, in-depth content can help you rank higher in Google.”  ~  by Brian Dean.

Services and tools such as BuzzSumo or Buffer, Hubspot,  Agora Pulse, and Evernote along many others are excellent in finding the people in your niche who are influencers. Their articles are published online daily.  With the advancement of recent social media platforms,  and all the subsequent tools available,  you can find information easily to help you with your curation for your own blog.

How do you stand out if everyone is using curation?

Consider using the less famous content. Not the big splashy articles of Huffington post,  they are seen everywhere. Sharing the more personal blog of an influencer that you know will endear you to the author and it will be more unique. You want your blog to stand out.  Your influential bloggers will be happy to share the article that mentions them.  One of the best ways is to do this is in a round-up-post of bloggers you know. Ask them to answer a question or two.  Their answers are curated into your article.They will share the article with their readers. This can quickly bring traffic to your blog in a short amount of time.

Content Curation should not be the main part of your blog article

It should show your own original content in the article with the enhancement of the curated content. You can also use curation to enhance your email newsletters. Hubspot blog has some of the best articles that you can weave with your newsletters on the topics of your target market. by many authors

Add your own unique perspective and insight to curated content through contextualization “( to put in a context, especially one that is characteristic or appropriate, as for purposes of the study.)

On your Social Media Pages 

5 Types of Content to Curate 

  1. “Your social media marketing strategy includes being useful to your social media audience (it should, ideally), sharing with them the latest information in your niche is the way to go.” Using Twitter links in your articles (plugin)  –  or share buttons to networking platforms.
  2. “By providing them with that information, you’re enabling them to improve and get ahead. Do this with dedication, and they will thank you for it.” Sharing the latest changes on Facebook.
  3. “A lot of experts share opinions and the basic tips and understanding that they have got about the industry, but few talk about their failures and how they overcame them openly.” Showing that you made mistakes just like anyone else, but also how you learned from your mistakes.
  4. “Posts that list resources almost always do very well. With respect to your industry, you should be able to list at least 10 areas that require resources of some kind.” I have listed my resources on my site. Tools that I recommend and bloggers that I follow.
  5. “You could put together a case study, but this takes a lot of digging and effort. Instead, you can locate and share relevant case studies with your audience for their benefit.” This is another good point as I do not yet have any of my own case studies. ~ by Jessica Davis

Sharing Your Content

When you have your article completed and you have checked to be sure that all curated content has been attributed to the original author, you will want to share your content.  A plugin  -a simple way to let people know in real-time when your blog is updated.  “PubSubHubbub is widely adopted and is used by Google Reader, Google Alerts, and many other services”. ~ by

It is essential that you properly attribute every piece of content that you curate with a link back to the author’s original content. Not only is it ethical, linking to a high-quality site can significantly improve your search engine optimization ~ by Matt Southern

This is the part I like the best about Content Curation…

You want people coming back to your blog, so having information that they are interested in on your blog is very important. Using curated links to add additional insight from sources around the world to feed your social media updates is also important. Using tools like Google Alerts or Twitter and Facebook help your readers find new and relevant content from you. When you link to other’s websites, they notice it. They like that you are spreading goodwill and so they might link back to your articles which will increase your traffic. Content curation is a win-win for everyone if done the right way.

I hope this post helps you next time you want to curate information for your blog.


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