How to Drive Traffic to Your Site With Quora

Following on from my How do you build traffic with Quora article I wanted to offer you some quick tips that you can implement that will really help you drive traffic to your site with Quora.

It would seem that from just reading Quora related articles from around the web it is quite easy to get yourself banned from the platform and yes you probably can get banned very quickly if you’re not using Quora in the correct way.

As you know from reading my previous article linked above that Quora is a question and answers site.

It is not a social share site though they have added a “share a link” section that allows you to do that it really is a site to ask questions and site to really share your knowledge and expertise for the good of the members and community.

If you are going to answer a question with something like “click the link below for the answer to your question” or “I have written a blog article about this just go here” then Quora is not going to like this one bit and your probably get a warning.

Here is what you can expect

This is one that I received when I first started out but have adjusted and have not had one since.


Some of your recent content (Dexter Roona’s answer to Do you play the Instagram Followers Game?) appears to violate Quora’s policy on Spam:

On Quora, spam is defined as one or more questions, answers or posts whose purpose appears to be to direct traffic to external commercial sites while providing little to no value back to the Quora Community.

Note that even if you didn’t intend to ask a spam question, questions that attract primarily spam content may also be deleted because of the spam answers they receive.

If future contributions do not comply with these policies, you may be blocked from editing on Quora. For more information, please see:
How does Quora define spam?

What are the consequences of spamming on Quora?
What kind of questions on Quora aren’t OK?

Here is Quora’s policy on question deletion?
What is Quora’s policy on disclosing affiliations in answers?

To request reconsideration, please submit a moderation appeal at

Thank you,
Quora Moderation

Messages like the one above are just a quick warning and not too much to worry about but if you do keep breaking rules then you will be banned.

Quora is against any member is just using the site to promote something outside of Quora.

However, if you, for example, answer a question about how to get Clickable Links On Instagram then it is perfectly acceptable in my experience to link to an article that answers the question provided that you first fully answer the question on Quora.

I think of the process a bit like how Google search works. Google’s aim is to provide the most relevant information for a users search intent.

With Quora, you also need to answer the user’s reason for clicking on a question with your answer. Something like“click the link below for the answer to your question” doesn’t answer the question.

So always provide good answers and then you can have something at the end like “Related Reading” or “Further Reading” you can also link in authority sites that also answer the question just like you do to qualify articles on your own site.

Just be smart because it really is worth the effort because there is a big boost in traffic available if you can tap into it.

Questions rank well on Google

If I could give you just one tip drive traffic to your site with Quora then this is the one that is probably the most valuable.

Quora is a very SEO friendly site. Quora questions are often seen on page one and if you can write questions that hit page one then you’re going to see traffic all day every day.

This may sound complicated but it is not really, especially if you have a basic knowledge of SEO.

So here is how you rank Quora questions on Google

When you publish a question on Quora the title appears in the URL.

So what you need to do first of all is to really come up with a great keyword based title that in turn will carry over to the URL

This the tricky part because as you can imagine you get a lot of duplicate questions or very closely related questions.

When you have closely related questions Quora merges them together to create just one question.

The thing is although it is not the end of the world to be merged into another question you really want the question to be yours so that you have a level of control over it.

The next big step to take when you create a question is to be the first to answer it.

Now when I say answer it I’m not saying answer the question and add your link.

That is going to get you warnings because your sole purpose of answering the question was to divert people to your site.

Just write a good answer with no links to your site.

The reason that you want to be the first member to answer the question is so that you are always the first answer that is seen.

A clever answer that is keyword based and answers search intent is going to be a big help with ranking your question on Google. Google has a good understanding of what your content is about because you told them by adding your keywords into the title the URL and because your the first to answer, right at the front of the post.

So you can see it pays to be in control of your questions if you want to drive traffic to your site with Quora

Topics and requests are key to help drive traffic to your site with Quora

Quora automatically adds what it considers the best topics that apply to your questions but it is always good to edit topics to see if there are any other relevant topics you can also add.

You can also request up to 25 members to answer the question. So if you want answers then select the members shown who have answered a lot of questions.

The next day you can again request that another 25 different members answer your question.

Over time the result is that you build up quite a valuable resource for Google and hence you see Quora questions ranking so well on Google.

Finishing Touches

If you want your questions to rank then you have to promote them. Social share them with all your channels.

This will help Google find your questions quickly. And with regular answers and updates, your questions will start to rank and start to drive traffic to your site with Quora


Once you have some good answers and you’re doing well on Google then it is time to revisit your answer and edit it. Add in more text add in some qualifying links to authorities. And now is the time to also link to anything that you have written that is also beneficial to answering the question that in turn adds value by qualifying your answer.

The end result is quite a useful SEO friendly resource that points to you and drives traffic to your site.How to drive traffic to your site with Quora

That’s all for now.

So are you on Quora?

Do have any questions on how it works?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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Regards Dexter

See you on Quora

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