How To Share Your Facebook Brand on Pinterest

That is the question … How to share your Facebook Brand on Pinterest? We are talking about YOU sharing the Content you Create for YOUR Brand where eager consumers can find it.

When you create value and inspiration on Facebook, it is a tragedy for that to be lost down your timeline, and Pinterest is a place to showcase your content where people will find it by

  • searching directly for keywords
  • browsing your profile after a search
  • clicking on one of your pins in their news-feed
  • following you
  • you following them

In a previous post “9 Steps To Optimise and Share Your Blog on Pinterest” I showed you how to optimise your connection between your blog and Pinterest, but I bet you also have content on Facebook which should be shared to the Pinterest search engine!

So, in this post I am focusing on how you can share your content from Facebook to Pinterest using several different methods.

Depending on what you are sharing, and to which board you are sharing it on … a business one, or a more personal one, you could use a combination of them all at different times.

What is Funky about Pinterest is that you can categorise your Boards by

  • individual things eg. chairs, tables, bookshelves
  • or combine them into items for my new office
  • or even broader as furniture for my dream home

So, a board could be for

  • Quotes I love
  • or My Inspirational Ideas and Posts
  • or My Facebook Group Posts

You can be as narrow or as broad as you wish, and I suggest a combination.


Because you can then Pin the same post to several boards 🙂


Top Tip ~ Design your boards so you can Pin the same Pin to more than one, and it still be appropriate!

Think how your niche would search for you, they may initially search for a necklace, and they have more chance of finding you if you have this on several boards (obviously with your keywords in each description) for example..

  • on your board categorized as ‘necklaces’
  • on a board called ‘My Jewellery Box’
  • on a board ‘Stunning Wedding Jewellery’

Facebook to Pinterest using The Chrome Extension ‘P‘ browser button

Facebook likes to keep it’s traffic in house, and unlike all other websites, does not allow you to Pin directly and include the link back to Facebook!

But this can be done… and works perfectly fine for a one-off Pin (see ‘Facebook to Pinterest … The Manual Method’ below)

Chrome Extension Icons as seen in your Browser when installed

Chrome Browser Buttons

  1. The ‘P‘ Button
  2. The Buffer Button
  3. The Hootsuite Button
  4. The Tailwind Button

Top Automation

Facebook to Pinterest Using IFTTT

A Fantastic way to Pin your Facebook Profile Posts (including images) and Facebook Page Posts to Pinterest using automatic recipes.

If you set up a board for each of these… everything you Pin on your profile or page will be transferred to Pinterest.

You can use a hashtag in some IFTTT recipes if you want certain posts to go to different boards too!

How exciting is that!!

Top Tip ~ Automate Your Facebook Profile and Facebook Page images to Pinterest Boards of the same name. Attract people to join you on facebook and see your Brand there too 😊

My Top Automated Scheduler

Facebook to Pinterest using Tailwind

Tailwind is the MOST AWESOME sharing and scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.

Top Tip ~ When you are a Tailwind member, and install the chrome extension, you are able to Pin Directly from a Facebook Image to Pinterest … Woo Hoo!!

It completely manages it all for you and is available as an iPhone and Android App.

When you use Tailwind to schedule anything from the web, you are able to schedule to more than one board at the same time and these will be scheduled in time slots when your audience are watching! If you have the trial, or paid version, they will be automatically posted for you.


Click Here to Explore Tailwind

You can save to drafts, or schedule from anywhere on the web when you install the Tailwind Chrome Extension Button – Including Facebook!!

★ My Complete tailwind training will be linked here when available ★

Also. if you use Hootsuite… you can access Tailwind in the App Directory

#1 Inside Hootsuite… Click on The App Directory

App Directory - Hootsuite

#2 Click on Free Apps

#3 Scroll down to find Tailwind

Tailwind App in Hootsuite


#4 Click Install App

You can now view your

  • Draft Pins
  • Scheduled Pins
  • Latest Pins
  • Pin Calendar
  • Pin Suggestions

when you add those social streams

My Top Manual Method … Facebook to Pinterest

Here is a Video to show this process
Note ~ you can use also this method to Pin content from your Facebook pages and groups.

How To Pin an Image from Facebook To Pinterest

Here are written Instructions…

  1. Open your Pinterest Profile
  2. Open Your Facebook Profile
  3. Click on your chosen timeline image to open it in your gallery
  4. Right click on the image
  5. Click ‘Copy Image address’
  6. Go to your chosen Pinterest Board
  7. Click on the + Save a Pin
  8. Click on ‘Save from the Web’
  9. Enter the copied image address and click ‘next’
  10. Click your image which will appear at the top
  11. Edit or add a description (under the image)
  12. Choose your board and click ‘Save’
  13. Click ‘See it Now” if you are quick enough!!
  14. Pop back to Facebook and copy the url from above the image you just pinned
  15. Return to your Pinterest image and click ‘Edit’ at the top
  16. Paste the Facebook url into the ‘Website’ box and Save
  17. TEST by clicking your image… it will link back to your original one on Facebook 😊

Facebook to Pinterest using Hootsuite or Buffer

Both Hootsuite and Buffer on PC have browser buttons, which will lift images from Facebook using the link back to the image, this works fine for sharing onto most social accounts, except Pinterest and Instagram. To do this you need to save, then upload the image you want to share first.

So the Hootsuite and Buffer browser buttons are not the most effective way to share to Pinterest from Facebook.

Top Tip ~ Open a Tailwind Account

So sharing to Pinterest can become a regular part of your marketing and web browsing experience every day. It is a handy place to save information by pinning an image to a board to come back and read/use later, especially if you are gathering information to use for a project. You can also use secret boards for this purpose.

And it’s really easy to schedule as you go!

To conclude… I ask you ‘ Are you sharing your Facebook Brand to Pinterest? ‘

Smart Marketers always follow the Pinterest Pyramid Plan 😉


The Pinterest Pyramid by Jacs

Do join my FB Group Pinterest Power for all my Pinterest info and I will happily answer your questions, and guide you on your Pinterest journey.

Please share your Comments below!

Jacs Henderson
           The Social Network Marketer

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