How to use Wakelet – A new blogging strategy

There are a lot of content curation sites around but there is one that is starting to stand out from the rest and that is Wakelet.

With Wakelet you build collections, now that doesn’t sound any different from all the other curation sites but with Wakelet you have a lot more than just a curation site.

In this new Pac article, I will be showing you my strategy to promote my site to build traffic and backlinks and at the same time reward other bloggers who I use as authoritative sources within my articles.

How to use Wakelet

Wakelet is an extremely flexible curation site and there are many ways to use Wakelet.

It is not about just sharing links as most bloggers would normally do because there is much more value if you compile a collection around specific articles that you are going to write and saving your research to your collection.

Let me explain more

How I use Wakelet

I recently wrote an article about the benefits of daily exercise for my health and wellness channel on Infobunny

With a topic like this, there is a lot of research that goes into writing.

The research stage is simple, It is just about finding authoritative sources that qualify what you want to say and then sharing them to your Wakelet collection in a normal content curation way.

You create a new Wakelet collection and name it as the working title of the article that you want to write and just share your authoritative sources to your collection via the Chrome or FireFox browser extensions.

As ideas come to you simply add them as text posts to your collection.

If you find images that you want to use you can also add them to your article collection.


Next Stage

Now that your research is complete you can just start to write your article.

All your authoritative sources, your notes, and images are on hand for you to use and refer to. All in one place.

When you have finished writing share your article across all your social channels as you normally would and make sure that you also share to your new Wakelet collection.

How I Use Wakelet – Finishing Touches

Once you have shared to Wakelet go to your collection and edit it.

Change the title if required and add in a description that is keyword rich and sums up what your article is about.

Upload a featured image for the collection. and then add a new text block.

Add a good snippet of your article to this text block and link it back to your article.

Finally set your collection to public so that other Wakelet members can view it and so that it is available on Google and share your social channels.

Here is the finished collection that I created for my health channel – Benefits Of Daily Exercise – Exercises that boost your energy

How to use Wakelet – My Strategy

Social sharing and content curation is part of any good blogging strategy.

You can also use blogging socials as part of a blogging strategy as well.

And Wakelet fits right into the middle of both.

On one hand, it is a social site/curation site that currently gives dofollow links and at the same time collections can be made into blogs in a page builder type way.

And that is what we have done in the example above. We have kind of created a micro-blog for the main article.

We give related articles, we add a section of text that links back and we add an article image.

Any blocks that you add to a collection can be reordered and you can also curate useful tweets and PDF files to collections. It really is a very flexible system.

The end result is something that both appeals to Wakelet users and is beneficial for SEO purposes.

I am given to understand that work is underway to make Wakelet more SEO friendly so I there could be a good reason to create collections around new articles just as I do.

Of course, you can take the whole Wakelet blog idea further and use Wakelet as a blog if you don’t have one of your own.

Here is an example of a blog that I specifically created on Wakelet – How important are followers on social media?

And of course here is the finished Wakelet Collection that I created for this Pac ArticleHow to use Wakelet – My Blogging Strategy

How to use Wakelet - Power Affiliate Club

I have made a Power Affiliate Club Collection you can view it Here

If you would like to be added so that you can share to our community board then join Wakelet and send me the email address you used to sign up and I will add you.

That’s all for now.

So are you a Wakelet member?

If so how to use your Wakelet account?

Do you have any content curation strategies of your own

Regards Dexter

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