The exact 4 things I do to increase affiliate sales on my blog!

It’s amazing how affiliate income from my blog has increased recently. My blog is 3 and a half years today and the story is becoming more awesome.

If you have a blog, I want to share with you what is working for me as far as Affiliate Marketing comes to play. As a matter of fact, it is the money making model that generates income for most bloggers.

If you take a look at income reports of most bloggers, you’ll find out affiliate marketing is on top of the lists. Even those of them who do create products don’t generate enough income from their products as they do with affiliate marketing.

There is so much free information online to help you get going with Affiliate Marketing. But the truth is that you have to shrink everything you read down to the specific needs of your audience.

My ebook Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers gets sold consistently. I do product reviews on my blog and sometimes, I place affiliate banners and do a bit of Adsense. These all make me money. But the killer method is affiliate marketing. I’m sure you want to know how I do it. So here we go:

How I grow affiliate marketing income from my blog

1- I use the 3-P method

This method is not something you hear often. But it’s something that’s secretly milking commissions for me. As a matter of fact, I just curled the term 3-P method after I discovered something I have been doing really works.

This is a powerful evergreen method I have applied to 2 products on my blog. Consistently, I’m getting sales even when I’m not blogging.increase affiliate sales

Just as I mentioned above, I have applied the 3-P method to 2 products and this is the screenshot from one of the products. What I do now is to scale it up by applying it to more products. Of course, you can apply it to one product but that depends hugely on the product you’ve chosen. I have written more about the 3-P method here

2 – I do targeted product reviews


This is something most bloggers do with a huge dose of success. However, some don’t really see any results at all. Here are a few things I do to get this work for me big time:

  • I review products I use in my business. This works well as I can share my experience and results
  • I negotiate special deals for my readers. This is done through getting unique discounts only for your readers.
  • I get co-branded sales pages from product owners. This is something that really boost conversion.

3 – I tweak old posts for better ranking and more SEO traffic

I discovered traffic from SEO converts so well. So I spend quite some time in Google Console as this tells me which blog posts get search engine traffic from which keywords. Once I get this very useful piece of information, I tweak the articles in question and very often, I will get better ranking and more natural traffic.

Here is the point…

If I find out an affiliate review post can be tweaked for more search traffic, I try to get for it a better SERP position as that post is already monetized.

Sometimes, it’s just a normal info post with no money making coloring. What I do here is go to an affiliate marketing platform and get a product that’s targeted to the content on that post, grab a banner and publish on the post. Of course, you can’t avoid getting sales.

4 – The Tools and About Me pages

According to my Google Analytics stats, one of the most visited pages on my blog is the About me page. Most of the new comers to my blog go to this page to know more about me and my products.

Now this is so important and I wanted to take this opportunity to creatively make more money without sounding stupid.

So I created the Tools I Use page where I describe the tools I use to power my blog. Most of these tools have affiliate programs so I simply link on my affiliate link.

Next, I linked up from my About Me page. This gives more exposure to the affiliate marketing rich page (The Tools Page).

If you do not have a similar page (Tools or resource page), I encourage you go create it right away

These are the four main ways I grow my blog’s capacity to generate affiliate sales. I do randomly recommend products in some blog posts and make some sales too.

Do not neglect the 3-P method. I highly recommend you start implementing it on your blog as this is evergreen. It doesn’t fail except you don’t have readers.

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