Inspire Your Audience With Your Pinterest Boards

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Learning how to inspire your audience with your Pinterest boards will most definitely increase the interaction on your profile.

You can organise your content in many different ways to showcase your brand.

Today I am giving you a Board Training… to show you the basics of creation, organisation and optimisation of them so you really know how to structure your brand in a visually attractive way.

Introduction to ‘Inspire Your Audience with Your Pinterest Boards’

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What is a Pinterest Board?

A board is a collection of Pins on a related subject as a sub-section of your brand, titled accordingly, which allows you to show and connect photo, written and video resources in one place which relate to your title.

You will want your content, like your other social networks, to contain a mix of your personal and shared information… obviously with the focus on content pinned from your blogs, sites and photos!

And ultimately you will progress to creating your own images with the many tools readily available and generally free.

Creating a Board

1. Log-in to your profile

Create a Pinterest Board

2. Click the + on the grey board which says Create Board 


3. You will see this form to fill in… 

Create a Pinterest Board

Name your board

You want this to be instantly recognizable and searchable.

This title is searchable so try to include keywords in the title which your audience is likely to search for… and that supports the Pins you will put on there and your Pin headlines.

Remember the Message to Market Match … Your Board Title must match your Pin Content, image and descriptions!!

Make them industry, niche and content specific. You want Pinner’s to click your board because they want information on what your title tells them you have… then be clicking and Pinning from within your board. So keep the content relevant!!

NB – you can change the name later.


Secret Boards can be used 

  • to build up a board in secret until you are happy with the content and ready to make it public
  • to Pin information for you to use as ideas and content that you find around the web… you always know where it is!
  • to brainstorm ideas with friends / colleagues / great for event and party planning
  • as a launch board for an event / product / sale / contest
  • to work with clients on ideas (you can add collaborators … see below)

So you choose when to make it public with the YES / NO Button.

4. Now Click the pencil to Edit your Board details

I have just created a board called ‘Blogging’ to illustrate this point and you will notice that at the bottom of the board there are some recommended searches for keywords people search for on Pinterest when looking for boards about Blogging … You may want to consider some of these as names for your board OR Keywords to use in your board description (see next bit!)

Create a Pinterest Board

5. COMPLETE your Board Details

Create a Pinterest Board


Write a description of your board content here … use keywords, but make them flow and don’t overdo it! Speak to your people, not just the search engines and don’t use hashtags… Pinterest is not a great lover of these, it searches board titles, board descriptions and pin descriptions by key-words (see image below)

Your description should say exactly what is on your board.


Choose a category from the drop-down list, that best suits your board. Try to find one that is not ‘other’ at the bottom of the list! (see image below)


You can add people to allow them to Pin to your boards too. This is a marketing strategy we will explore in another post, but is very useful when compiling ideas with clients or colleagues and when creating Group boards

Remember to click SAVE … then your board is created 😊

Choosing an Image for your Pinterest Board

Your first Pin to a board will appear as the primary image or board cover. The goal of this is to represent the tone and feel of the board’s contents.

You can change this at any time to any other image you have pinned by editing your board and clicking Cover (see below)

Create a Pinterest Board

You will see a scroll screen for all the images on that board, so you can change it by clicking the arrow till you reach one you like.

Top Tip ~ Choose a compelling Cover image, it’s the first impression your audience has of your board… so make it clear and representative!

You do not need to use Branded Cover Images when you start out… but it may be something you would like to consider at some point when you become recognized in your niche as an industry trainer or leader.

Some Ideas for Pinterest Boards

Boards give you a place to curate Pins (images, script, video) that you find inspiring, educating, thought provoking, amusing or moving in any way.

This is how your audience will see your boards too… so Pin what your niche will want to find there too!!

Showcase your other social media channels

If you sell products, categorise boards for them like a catalog

  • necklaces / bracelets / rings
  • moisturisers / make-up / supplements
  • slimming shakes / wraps / health drinks

Marketing methods or tips for

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • MLSP


  • Quotes
  • Motivation
  • Mindset
  • Focus
  • a dream board

Behind the Scenes

  • you / customers using your products
  • customer testimonials
  • inspiring photos with your products
  • an About ‘Your Brand Name’ ( eg. About Networking Superstars )
  • team events / photoshoots
  • company vision board

Training + Tools

  • tools for…
  • training for
  • how-to’s
  • your personal training
  • your niche training 

Boards can help to associate products with emotions, solving problems and enriching your viewer’s lives.

Boards let you showcase your brand in as many ways as you can dream up 😊

Think on this.

You may represent a clear-cut Business Brand or you may be building a personal brand… and wish to show many aspects of your training and businesses.

Either way, you ALSO need to show some Personality Boards.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that you are able to share some of yourself with your audience, and that is a great asset for growing the Know, Like and Trust factor.[/tweet_box]

Remember, that your audience will find you by searching, so if your target customer likes gardening, home decor or cookery then having some of these on your profile, with the right keywords will enable them to find you.

Here are a few I’ve used, and you can fill these with your content and shared Pins

  • I love Tulips
  • Sparkles and Jewels
  • Laugh out Loud
  • Let’s Party!
  • Funky Shops
  • Home Treasures
  • My Travels

Your audience is drawn to your brand for a reason … your brand isn’t a collection of products or services or a company you represent… It Is A Story  that is created as much out of real life experiences and memories, as it is out of a marketing image… and this represents a huger connection to your audience than any marketing photo!

Follow your instincts… be yourself  😊

Pinterest Board Merchandising

Just like you would if you had a Store or you have a Blog … you need to do some refreshing of your Pinterest boards. I’m sure you notice the way shops move their stock around, and especially their window displays!

This is to create interest… when nothing moves, the conscious mind stops looking at it. You may notice this in your home too. When you do some moving around, all senses perk up and we see things in a different way.

So here are a few quick ideas to do monthly

  • Move your boards around (use analytics to help with placement)
  • Group them accordingly
  • Change your board covers
  • Move Pins on your popular boards … put popular and commercially relevant ones higher.
  • Make your best pins board covers
  • add fresh pins to neglected boards / secret them temporarily for an update
  • check links on your primary boards (top 5)

Top Tip ~ For more personal Pins, link them to your Facebook Profile so people see you for real… remember the KLT factor!

So that wraps up my Pinterest Board Training… to show you the basics of creation, organisation and optimization of them so you really know how to structure your brand in a visually attractive way.

If you are starting out on Pinterest, or starting to recognize it’s benefits and want to perk up your long forgotten profile, you may want to check out How-To Create You Pinterestingly Perfect Profile to review each section to lay solid foundations.

Are you Inspired to Wow Your Audience With Your Pinterest Boards?

Tell me your thoughts, and ask any questions in the Comments below!


PS – if you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share below, Thanks!

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