Is Your Content Working For You? Tips for Analyzing Your Efforts

It’s essential that you track and analyze your content marketing efforts in order to know how well they are working for you.

It’s one thing to produce good content consistently. But, if your content marketing efforts are not getting eyeballs on your masterpieces, and you’re not getting the sales, signups, and general engagement that you want from your marketing efforts it can be extremely frustrating. You’re left wondering why no one reads your posts or buys your products.

Here are a few things you can do about it.

On Your Blog

Tip #1 – Know where your traffic is coming from, and where it’s going to

Knowing where your traffic is coming from is important because it tells you where your audience hangs out online, and allows you to create more content to put in front of them where they’re most likely to be. It’s no good having a blog post only on your blog, if the majority of your intended audience spends all their time on Instagram, for example.

Even more important is knowing where they land on your site. Analyze your traffic stats – either the ones your host provides, or through Google Analytics – to find out which posts are the most popular. You can also use a popular posts plugin that will tell you which of your blog posts are popular based on different criteria such as view, comments, etc.

You may be surprised to know that what you thought was your best, most popular post is not the one that resonates most with your readers. Once you know what resonates with them, and where they like to consume content, you can create more targeted and focused content that will bring better results.

Tip #2 – Analyze your keywords

As important as where your traffic comes from, is the keywords that your visitors are using to find you in the first place. Again, your traffic stats can help in this regard.

Keywords might seem boring to you, but they are an integral part of a successful content marketing strategy. Knowing which keywords your audience is using to find you mean you can create more content around those topics.

Another tip: When refreshing older posts, update them to include the most popular keywords you are being found for now. Keep in mind, you don’t want to just stuff your articles full of keywords, but if the phrases you’re being found with now will fit in an update of an older article, go for it. You’ll get more mileage out of the older posts this way.

In Your Email

Tip #3 – Watch your Subscriber Growth

I was on a webinar the other day, and the presenter mentioned that almost 70 percent of their annual income comes from email marketing. If you’re not doing email marketing, or are doing it haphazardly, then you are leaving a lot of room for improvement in your content marketing strategy.

One metric to watch and analyze carefully is your subscriber growth rate. Knowing which offers your audience responds to is key. It’s why crafting content upgrades that match your message and your audience’s needs is key to your content marketing success.


Tip #4 – Check your email analytics every day

In addition to keeping an eye on your subscriber growth, you’ll also want to pay close attention to things like open rates and clicks. Open rates will tell you how well your subject lines are resonating with your subscribers. Clicks will tell you which offers are resonating with them as well.

Of the two metrics, clicks are definitely the most important. Because anyone can open your email, but not everyone will take the actions you want them to. Clicks will tell you who is taking action, and what they’re taking action on. You can learn a lot about your audience by paying attention to what they click on in your emails.

As far as unsubscribes go, you’ll want to watch for them but not pay too much attention to them. Generally, if one or two people unsubscribe, it’s because you’re not a good fit for them. The only time I would really be worried about unsubscribes is if you get a higher number than usual from a single email.

Get in the habit of checking your email analytics – most autoresponders have really good reporting these days – and don’t’ be afraid to tweak and test your emails based on what you see in your stats.

On Your Social Media

Tip #5 – Pay attention to your social media metrics

Another place to analyze your content marketing efforts is through your social media metrics. Tracking and analyzing things like comments, likes, and shares can tell you a lot about your audience the types of content they engage best with.

This comes in especially handy if you are using paid advertising, where it really does pay to know what your audience likes and responds to.

What Do You Do With All This Information?

Now that you have all this information, you should know

  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • Where they are landing on your site
  • What keywords are getting them there
  • What offers are adding subscribers to your list
  • What actions your subscribers are taking in your emails
  • What social media posts resonate with your audience

You have a wealth of information here that will let you analyze your content marketing efforts. So now it’s time to do something with it.

Tip #6 – Create Your Content Plan

Knowing your metrics allows you to create a content plan that will generate the best possible results for you. The secret here, and something a lot of content marketers overlook, is to create a cohesive plan that takes everything – blog posts, emails, social media posts, and product and affiliate offers all into consideration.

If you look at each piece as just that – a piece of the complete plan – instead of having separate plans for blog content, email content, and social media content, you’ll find that it’s much easier to create the content your readers want from you.

Don’t be afraid to try different types of content to see what your audience likes. But, do track your results and create your content based on those, rather than what you want. If you pay attention to your metrics across all platforms, you will find that your audience will tell you what they want from you.

Analyzing your content marketing efforts is a way to create your future content based on the past actions of your audience. Successful content marketing is all about building a relationship with your audience. If you can give them more of what they’ve already shown you they want and like, then the next time some asks how your content marketing strategy is working for you, you’ll be able to tell them, “It’s working great!”

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