It’s Not Enough to Just Have a Blog And Write a Post


In this day and age, in 2018, it’s not enough to just have a blog that you write posts on – and that’s it.

No. We live in a time where there’s a great demand for us as bloggers to be “unique”, Β to create our own personal brand.

I think the word “Unique” is over used and causes a lot of confusion and time wasted on asking yourself “What’s unique about me?” Chances are you won’t come up with an answer because as children we’re taught not to celebrate or focus on how unique we are – it’s conceited. Right? Wrong.

So here’s what I’m thinking, ready?

FACT 1: You’re Already Unique

The day you were born into this world, you were born with uniqueness as a human being. Look around you. Do you see ANYONE like you? You already have a personal “brand” – it’s you.

No one else can see through your eyes, communicate the way you do, cook, dance, speak, have YOUR perspective of life, and so many other things -like you.

Fact 2: You Already Have An Audience

You will always have those who like you during your lifetime. Like them back. You will always encounter those who don’t like you – so what. Hangout with those that do. Online, do the same. Surround yourself with the audience you develop because they like you and LIKE your personality.

Now, I want to change the word “Unique” to “Specialize”. Here’s why – since we know you’re already unique you want to specialize in something mixing your personality into it…

I’m going to be harsh here … I see to many blogs writing about SEO. Boring. Besides, even though SEO is important, it’s not as important as engaging with your audience.

So, when I say “it’s not enough to have just a blog where you add posts to it”, I mean there’s more you need to think about when you do. In particular, how are your posts engaging your audience? How are you “specializing” to stand out and be noticed more online?


FACT 3: We Live In An Era Of Constant Change

Change is happening so fast around us that we’re bombarded with it daily, in the news, on the internet, the email we receive. So how can we harness the “Wild, Wild World” in which we live and tap into change in the articles we write? How can you:

  1. Specialize in something you already LOVE and make it better
  2. Mix your personality into it, YOUR take on things
  3. Avoid doing what everyone else is doing
  4. Learn, research, read lots of books, elevate what you already know, or learn something new and different
  5. Explore how you can create more opportunities for yourself
  6. How can you convey all of this while empowering your readers …

As human Beings, we are constantly changing everyday, Nothing stays the same which requires the ability to “adapt” and so if you’re a blogger and depending on how you want to use your blog you must be able to adapt to the Β changes that happen rapidly online…

So. This is not a “How-To” post but one that I hope will open up some new neuro-pathways in your brain to think about the possibilities of what you can do as a blogger, how you can influence the minds of others by infusing your posts with the essence of you – not others.

Watch this incredible video. This man thrives on chaos – because out of chaos comes new trends but you need to be open-minded to see them. Look forward, not backwards, not just doing the status-quo. Go beyond and surely you WILL stand out from the blogging crowd.

Visit His Website – Trend Hunter

Now. Tell me what you think …

Lesly Federici


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